Even though you're gone

I still feel you there

Even though I can't see your face

I can still smell you in the air

I can't sleep at night

Without the sound of your breathing

I still replay that day in my head

The day you said you were leaving

You used to always be there for me

Even on those rainy days

And I'd always sit and listen

To all you had to say

The love we made, the stories we shared

Are all but forgotten now

I wish I could just hold you again
At least see you again somehow

It's been about two months now

And these scars still haven't healed

Sometimes I need to look back at our photos

To make sure you were real

Why you left I do not know

I guess I wasn't good enough

God knows I wasn't brave or smart

God knows I wasn't rich or tough

I don't know how long it will take

Before I can move on

You broke my heart only two months ago

But God it feels like it's been so long

So I guess I'll just lie here for a while

And stare up at the sky

The wind seems to whisper your name

And the stars look like your eyes