Owns Music


The wind outside went in perfect harmony with the music playing. She danced across the empty ballroom, her skirts swirling around her. She held her arms as if she had the perfect dancing partner for the elaborate steps she performed without fault.

The only audience the lone dancer had were the flickering shadows. They were made by the soft glow of the numerous candles that were around the room. If anyone were present to watch her they would wonder to what melody she was dancing to for none could be heard. The music which the wind sang with was her own.

The tempest raging outside did nothing to make the dance any less elegant for each flicker of her wrist and tap of her slippered foot seemed well-rehearsed and known for years, being perfected for this night.

With no known audience to fill the empty recess of the majestic hall her steps, no matter how small, could be heard in every silent corner. The rustling of the skirts were heard as soft whispers. If someone were to watch this dancer they would see her dark lashes resting upon the small arches of her cheeks.

She was performing all this with her eyes peacefully shut. Her black hair whirled around her as she did a series of twirls. The wind was starting to howl higher and faster. The tempo had been increased. She kept in perfect time, never missing a beat.

Her steps became lighter and she appeared to fly across the marble floor. The tempest grew fiercer and deadlier calling for a more passionate song.

Her music reached its peak and she went faster and faster. Then it stopped and with a sorrowful whine it slipped off into the night with the storm as if two forbidden lovers. No trace was left of that glorious melody. She stood still with no more music to dance to. As she opened her grey eyes she caught sight of the one she had been waiting for. He had just come in time for the ending.

After long hours the first words she spoke to the dark man were," You're late." And with those words drew him into her arms and a new dance began all their own.

A/N - The idea for this came to me when I was sitting in my room last night. When the wind picks up outside you can hear it through my windows. It makes a whistling sound. I've gotten used to it by now and sometimes it even comforts me.

My sister asked me how I could stand it. But when listening to it I pictured a grand ballroom and only one person dancing to the music that was playing. I hope you enjoy this.

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