I dreamt of golden days long-gone
When jewel-seas ran beneath the sun
And pallid starlight followed day –
Before the longships sailed away.

In sleep bright sunlight graced the shore
Through dreams I heard your voice once more
The sea was wild and fair and free –
It sang of things you promised me.

The skies were wide, all storm-gales fled
The clouds were spun of silver thread
And summer shimmered on the air –
Warm winds wept through our flying hair.

You spoke of lands I never knew
Of plains where shadow-mountains grew
And fields where hoary star-sleeves swelled –
Of winding hills where fair-folk dwelled.

Yet seasons fade and dreams decline
The sun-skies will no longer shine
And winter winds her bitter screams –
I search for you through faded dreams.

May all your journeys lead you far
Beneath sun's eye or Northern star
Where restless waters flicker gold –
But I will keep the things you told.