I can't put into words how right I feel when I'm with you. My heart beats in time with the ticking of the clock, signaling that the universe, some force bigger than ourselves wants us to be together.

I don't believe in fate. I believe in us. I believe that my heart's ticking and the clock is beating and that I love you.

"But it's so complicated," you say, a stand excuse for not doing the things you know you want to do. Complications related to society's bullshit expectations for human conduct, their stupid ideas about what's right and what's wrong, conditioned into us since the day we were born.

That's why falling in love is the most subversive act possible, why lovers and revolutionaries are one in the same. They don't want you to fall in love. People who are in love do crazy things, like skipping work to go for a walk in the park. What would happen to their society if everybody always did things like that?

Instead, they want to sell you a cheap imitation of love. They wan to sell you a kind of love that involves dating and flowers and diamond rings. A kind of love that only glamorous, skinny, rich people get to enjoy.

Fuck that. Love is for us, too.