A day when the sky plays truant
and I am in the forgiveness department
accepting apologies

Bitterness stitches itself away
into a cocoon for a rainy day
and my mind sleeps sublime
with the things I never noticed before

like the street I lived on
for ten years and it makes me
hold my breath
sometimes, when nostalgia
stumbles her way to me.

mornings where I undo myself
and learn that its not about
money or a mansion with many rooms
or a good job
or even about being happy all the time

that even on a overbearing overcast day
I can still smile about life
even if I'm 200km/hr in the wrong lane
and nothings alright

sometimes, I am enough for me
and I don't need people
with too many words in their mouth
or too many apologies

And I am enough for
everyone around me
when they are having bad days
of their own

and I learn
like a child
that philosophy and words live in the sky
with stars for punctuation.