Holy crap! I'm not dead!

...Yeah, sorry about not posting anything for a couple months. All sorts of stuff started happening all at the same time, and I got real distracted. But, I finally got up the nerve to post something so here it is!

Black Wire Engine

Inside the wires, the city of agony,

Someone has started to sing-

Somewhere beneath all the massacre surfacing,

Death bells have started to ring-

Who did you lie to, to bring them inside, now

Who did you bring about here?

Who did you lead deep inside of the wire trap

Who, now, is drowning in fear?...

Someone is singing, now, listen for melodies

Woven of wire and steel-

Tell me, which one of these nightmares is fantasy

Which one is fatally real?

The one with the walls made of cast-iron thorns, or

The one with the miserable eyes?

The one with the woebegone forsaken heart?

Or the one made of wires and lies?

Now you have gone and you've brought it another one

One more abandoned poor soul

The black wire engine can run its destruction

With an innocent heart as its coal-

See, now, the wires, they're winding once more

The gyroscope turns have begun

Isn't it lovely, out city of wires

Surrounding the black engine sun?

And to think that without you, my sweet little innocent,

None of these wires would wind!

Isn't it nice to be wanted at last?

See now, you really don't mind…

So there you are. Review and I'll love you forever blah blah blah blah blah.