Only A Friend
This was written after realizing I had feelings for a close guy friend of mine. Unfortunately for me he's my friend's boyfriend. She'd kill me if she found out. But I have to express myself somehow, and it became a poem. Enjoy.

I knew you weren't right for me

The moment I laid eyes on thee

To know that you were hers instead

Gave me to know I had to flee.

All thoughts a-zooming through my head

As I lie sleepless in my bed

Who knew that wrong could feel so right?

But I can't take from her, for she's my friend.

The thoughts and words, they leave a bite

'Cuz I know you're with her tonight

I know that I don't have a chance

I can't help but see you in this light.

So I will steal one last glance

Then hide this illicit romance

Perhaps you'll grant me one last dance

Oh please, just grant me one last danceā€¦