The Singer

He is out there, beneath the twilight skies
Taking it all in with fiery eyes
I watch from a distance between the sands and the ocean
Turning between my heart and emotion

He is the Singer, a man of different names
Each one plays, but the soul remains the same
I am a Poet working my rhymes and dreams
My soul isn't always what it seems
He turns to me now and thus we stand
We keep our distance with our music in our hands

So sing to me now and cover me in song
Whisper to me gently or cry to me strong
I want to hear your heart in every word
The soul you have felt and no one else has heard
Touch me with each strum
Warm my heart feeling cold and numb
Rock me and take me down into your being
There I will find my own heart freeing

My voice is carried to him on a salty breeze
The twilight fades, leaving the stars to tease
It's hard to want more music when I know he's going to leave
Is there more to ask for? is there more to receive?
Turning between my heart and the ocean
I watch the distance between my hand and his emotion