Of Cats and Such

Hannah Everard Armstrong crossed her arms defiantly and dug her heels into the floor. Today, Saturday, was her day. She'd had it planned out since Friday morning in first period Chemistry. Her alarm would ring at nine o'clock sharp, and then she would have a hot shower and eat, followed by one hour maximum of homework. After that, there was nothing. She was free to read or eat, or call up a friend. But no. Now her brother was going to ruin it with his stupid friends and their stupid band because apparently, at seventeen, she wasn't responsible enough to spend a day at home alone doing homework. Homework. Like her brother had a bone in his body that screamed (or even whispered) responsibility. Joshua spent his evenings in bars or parking lots doing only god knows what. He'd arrive home early in the morning (sometimes accompanied by his equally 'charming' friends) and crash on the new beige leather couch Hannah and her mom had spent countless hours looking for. As afore mentioned; charming.

Saturday mornings however, Joshua had strictly reserved for band practice with his buddies at the Ryan's house. He never missed it. Hannah always missed it. Mostly on account of the fact that she didn't care. What her brother did was of little concern to her. As long as he was safe. Hannah made it perfectly clear to him that as long as she had her grades, books, best friend and computer, she was good to go. Darling Joshua however, had jokingly brought up her lack of social life last night at dinner, and now her parents were taking a day driving trip, and she was stuck hanging out with her brother. On command of death. That's how she looked at it anyway. Now, she was hovering in the doorway at seven thirty in lint attracting sweatpants, and an old shirt with Joshua cursing his old run down car in the otherwise lovely driveway.

"Bring your bloody homework if you have to, but you're coming alive or dead," he muttered, kneeling down to inspect a scratch on the cars' door.

Hannah made no response but to glare daggers. "Like I'd bring homework. You've already convinced your friends I'm three quarters nerd, and one quarter human."

"Then don't! But I need to leave now." He stood up and threw open the passenger door in frustration.

Huffing, Hannah made to grab his guitar to be helpful telling herself she had no intention of accidentally kicking it when Joshua glared.

"Don't touch my guitar."

"Fine!" she retorted, dropping it none to gently and stalking towards the car. She smiled when he yelped.

Car started, and instruments safely packed, he began to back out of the driveway and onto the main street. The Ryan's house was familiar to Joshua, as he practically lived there. Hannah on the other hand, was swallowing down her nerves. The prospect of hanging out with her brothers friends made her totally uncomfortable. They were kind of hardcore. The kind of people Hannah liked to avoid in the cluttered hallways of school. She'd met all his friends before, but never remained in their presence for more than thirty seconds. Today, she would have to suck it up and try to remain as inconspicuous as possible in the same vicinity as four highly intimidating people. Male people. Although she wasn't sure if Joshua counted. He was more of an insect…

The Ryan's house was of moderate size with a healthy green garden in the front, and cookie cutter white shutters. All in all Hannah decided as Joshua's car pulled up, nice. The vehicle pulled to a grinding halt halfway up the concrete driveway in front of an open garage. Okay, Hannah concluded, not so nice. The garage was full of what normal garages had. Old skies, car parts, license plates, but it was all shoved to the side. In the middle stood a number of microphones, guitars, cords, speakers, an electric piano, and a bunch of wires Hannah had no desire to trip on. Not only that, but two guys vaguely recognizable to Hannah stood around tuning their instruments. Oh god, she thought, save me. The tallest one had a black and red Mohawk on top of an otherwise hairless head, with wide black pants and chains everywhere. His tight shirt clung to his torso and Hannah felt herself blush. The other one had messy bleached blonde hair which looked rather out of place on his pale skin. He sported a violently orange shirt and black skinny jeans no male should be aloud to wear. His scrawny neck sported a tattoo with a bleeding butterfly. Even better, both males were walking towards Joshua's car with crazy grins.

Resisting the temptation to pull down the lock button, Hannah groaned lightly. She was just about to argue when her brother looked at her seriously. "They're good guys Han. A little wild, but they're good. I know this isn't your crowd, but give 'em a chance." She sighed. Her brothers hazel eyes looked so sincere.


Out of the car, the two guys knocked fists with Joshua in that greeting only males do. Then they glanced at her a little uncomfortably.

"Guys, you know Hannah. I got stuck with her today, but she won't be a pest. Right Han?" Joshua concluded.

Laughing uncomfortably Hannah nodded. "Righto." She watched them exchange glances before she slowly migrated towards the bean bag chair in the garages' corner. Looking down at the chair, she spotted a kitten. Yes, she thought, a friend. Picking up the cat (which hissed menacingly) she sat down awkwardly on the chair and placed the cat on her lap.

"That's Felix II," Bleached Blonde said bobbing his head like a turtle. Hannah nodded, unsure of what to say. He picked up his guitar and slipped the strap around his shoulder. The cat hissed again, but Hannah held it firmly; her only salvation in this awkward situation. Looking around, Hannah saw the other two get ready.

"Where's your little brother Fin?" Joshua asked the guy with the Mohawk, "We need him today. He's getting lazy man."

"Came home late last night. Said he had a cold and wanted to sleep 'till nine thirty or so," answered the so-called Fin.

"Ass," chimed in Bleached Blonde. The other two laughed. Hannah sighed in relief, she was glad they ignored her. Better to be in the shadows here she thought. Leaning back in the chair, she watched them get ready. Guitars were strummed, piano keys tested, vocals not warmed up, and many buttons pushed. Just as Hannah was about to zone out, she saw Fin pick up a guitar. The guys crowded around it in awe. They all had manic grins as they stared lovingly at the electric blue instrument.

"You're not playing it today though, Fin are you," Bleached Blonde asked, still ogling.

"Course not Austin! This beauties practically an antique, so I'm saving it for tomorrow!"

They all nodded stupidly. Hannah resisted the urge to laugh. Fin walked over and placed the 'beauty' in the stand beside her. They boys calmed down after that and the practice began. At first, it all sounded like a bunch of noise to Hannah, but after half an hour or so, they got it together. She grinned. I have a brother in a band, she thought. Cool. Taking a calming breath, she looked at the empty microphone. That must be where Fins brother should stand. Hannah frowned more deeply as Felix II started to squirm again.

"Come on, Kitty," she said muttered, "Please stay!" No such luck. With a mighty squirm the orange tabby flew out of her arms. Determined, Hannah lunged after it in a wild attempt to snatch his tail. In doing this however, she slipped from her bean bag chair, and tripped over one of the many cords knocking over, in the process, the beautiful blue guitar. Immediately all the noise was cut off. Felix II bounded through the garage door into the house. As Hannah lay awkwardly on her stomach, she dared not even glance up preferring to have her face in the concrete. The room was silent. Dead silent.

"Sorry," she mumbled, boldly glimpsing a look up. Three guys stared at her with open mouths, and wide eyes.

"How does one girl cause so much damage?" Austin asked with a laugh, breaking the silence.

Hannah looked at her brother and Fin. They didn't find it funny at all. Joshua looked murderous in fact. "Get out of here," he said dangerously.

Fin stalked over to her, and grabbed her arm. "I'll put her with Felix. He'll keep an eye on her." Yanking her off her rump, Fin pulled her through the door.

"I'm so, so, so, sorry!" Hannah gushed, her face red as a tomato. "I can leave," she blabbered, "right now, goodbye!" she went to pull away, but Fin gripped her arm tightly, and frowned.

"I'm putting you with Felix," he stated, and continued up the stairs to the bedroom floor.

"I don't even like that cat though! It's his fault even! How would a kitten keep an eye on me?"

At this Fin laughed. Opening a door, he shoved her into a dark bedroom, and slammed it shut behind him. Hannah took a deep breath and turned around. She gasped. Not only was the evil little cat himself on a bed, but so was a boy. An asleep boy! He was tangled up in all his plaid covers stretched out on the bed with Felix II sitting on his chest eyeing her carefully. Hannah backed up until she hit the wall. The room was relatively dark with only a bit of light seeping through the curtains. Trying the door, Hannah found it locked. Shiest, she thought. This was awkward. Biting her lip, Hannah glanced at the sleeping figure again. He looked to be about her age. His chin length black hair (clearly dyed) was across one eye, and his arm covered the other eye. One of his long legs was bent at the knee, and the other stretched out over the side of the bed. Afraid to look any longer, Hannah blushed and took another deep breath. She would wake him. Yes.

Dragging her feet towards his bed, Hannah reached out to shake his shoulder. Felix II hissed loudly, and she withdrew hand in alarm. To her horror, the boy groaned and shoved the cat off of him before opening green eyes. He looked extremely confused, and Hannah felt even her ears go beat red. The green eyed boy frowned, and then raised one eyebrow.

"This is weird," he stated, his mouth twitching into a grin. Hannah looked at her outstretched hand near his face and withdrew quickly. She opened her mouth stupidly, but nothing came to mind. He looked at the cat quizzically. "There's a strange girl in my room who won't stop staring at me," he informed the cat.

Her eyes widened to the size of saucer plates, as he looked back at her.

"Nice to meet you," he held out his hand, "I'm Felix."

…Okay… "But your cat…" Hannah mumbled in puzzlement. She was doing a lot of that today.

"Yes…" he prompted.

"You named your cat after yourself?"

They boy gave her a wide grin that showed his teeth. "Yes."

"Oh." That was so bizarre.

"I bet my brother locked you in here, did he?" Felix asked with an innocent expression as she nodded dumbly. "I guess I'll have to climb out the window then." He coughed, then swung his legs over the side and stood up in front of her. She stared. Because she was tall, she found Felix to be only a couple inches above her. Less intimidating. He leaned down, and she held her breath. "Move please," he said. Hannah quickly jumped out of the way, and she saw his lips twitch again into a smile before he sneezed thee times in quick succession. He pulled open the blinds and visibly shivered.

He sighed. "I guess I'll just open the window and climb out of my bedroom even though I'm sick."

Hannah started at his voice. "Oh…Oh! Sorry, I'll climb out," she said shyly, embarrassed to hear her own voice. She slide in front of him as he moved back, and opened the window. She gulped. This would involve climbing down a tree. She wasn't sure, but she thought she heard him laugh as she regained balance on the branch (without help).

"Um, how're you going to get out?" she asked looking back.

"How about you unlock my door from the other side," he said, as if talking to a four year-old.

"Right." She began precariously to lower herself downward.

"Or you know," he said looking down at her, "I could use the adjoining bathroom." She opened her mouth in disbelief as he grinned and shut the window.

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