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"WOOOHOOOOOOO" I yell as I fall. I can feel the wind flow through my hair and the speed I'm falling at is faster than what it seems. My dragon Sky zooms under-neath, me catching in her talons; white scales reflecting the light into my eyes.
My friends and their dragons swoop all around us flying through the air with grace and speed.
Although Jordan and Jesse with there dragons Blaze and Night make it look like a war scene, trying to kill each other with great fire blast's and dark magic. Jesse could easily take Jordan and stand on his head without braking a sweat, but NIght abd Blaze where evenly match, well that's what Night let the other 2 believe.

We landed on a tall pillar of Mercenary Castle with a warm welcome from King Levi. "I hope you enjoyed yourself" He yelled as we land. Once we had dismounted and leaving any weapons to the side, he approached us casually.

"I have an assignment for you"

Shaun jumped down from his dragon Rage and said "What type, my lord?" curiosity in his manner as he knelt down on 1 knee, head lowered to the stone ground.

His dragon rage walked up behind him, stretching awesome dark green wings before sitting; making Shaun look like a midget. '"I need you to travel to my...brothers'...kingdom at Red Nile-" He was cut off.

"Red Nile!? That's on the other side of the world in the other dimension!'' I yelled, still I hadn't come used to this kingly flattery.

Quickly feeling embarrassed at my speaking out of term, "I...I'm...sorry, my lord'' I said blushing widely.

Jesse shifted uncomfortably with an angered look and I heard her dragon Night groan in the back ground, probably thinking about the long flight. Lazy bugger...takes after Jesse...

"As I was saying" King Levi continued placing his gaze over me.

"I need you to...Well...How do I put this...Take out his kingdom and kill the little bastard!!.." We drew away slightly for he never would speak like this, but then again never was he merciful.

I noticed Jesse only smiled, she was a full 12 years older than me. I was only 17, Jordan 18, Shaun 19 and Rebecca was 18, Jesse; we thought she was 29, but many had said she was older than she looked.

"I'm sorry for my out burst..." Straitening his bright cloak, the green fabric of the king worthy material shone in the daylight.

"You leave tomorrow'' King Levi ordered looking at each of us kneeling on the ground. His dark eyes followed each of our movements, passing from Jordan to Jesse, he looked at them both with disgust.

He turned and walked off showing no signs of regret or sympathy for this quest which barely than but a mere suicide mission. I noticed Jordan had already walked off.

Jordan wasn't paying attention when I called out. Looking over the wall at the valley and villages particularly at one house within the walls of Mercenary Castle of Ra'Dean. I came up and held his hand, his warm hand tightly held of the edge of the wall painting the half-casted skin white.

Knowing that he was thinking about his sister who had been killed by King Levi's brother King Izzy.

''It'll be OK...his soul will not live for long now'' I said softly, although I doubt that.

He smiled and looked away. ''Ha-ha smooth move number 99" Jesse laughed but it was only half-hearted, she came up and patted me on the back.

''What about you? You've had your 'brushes' with King Izzy?'' Jordan's tone wasn't of questioning, but a release of anger almost.

Jesse stood for a few seconds that seemed so long watching her eyes, her face changed from mockery to hidden hatred, then she turned and walked off shaking her head in disgust.
''...Just keep to your side of the realm...''

That day we spent it preparing for the long journey, servants had already gathered most supplies and gold we'd need, like they had known before us; expecting it. It would take at least a week to get to Red Nile and then needing to prepare for destroying the greatest kingdom in history with the biggest army and most advance weaponry and magic but all they had was 5 people and 5 elemental dragons breaths in.

I was walking back to my chambers with Rebecca passing several doors. "It'll be good to see what Red Nile is like" Rebecca dreamed of the tale's that she'd heard of its lands.

I looked in the other direction, "It isn't a good place to be"

"Oh...right...I'm sorry" A sudden remembrance of my journey to Red Nile with Jordan brought a grim look to her face.

We departed when my room came, I couldn't sleep that night and it was a good thing too.

Around 3 'o' hour I heard a violent crashing in the hall. Peering nervously out my door, the cold stone under my feet seemed to spread throughout my body. I was only wearing a thing night gown.

Down the hall, I saw a large fallen pot, it had been knocked over and completely smashed. A large woman stumbled drunkenly down the hall. By large I didn't mean fat either. She had broadish shoulders and a fairly built body. I noticed when I stepped out of my room to follow her that it was Jesse.

Even at this distance I could smell rum and wine on her. She had been drinking for sure, but still kept her mind, not wobbling to much. I walked quietly 15 meters behind, keeping to the shadows. Following her for around 5 minutes I wondered.

There's only one room around here, the king's personal chambers...I was surprised to see how quickly it took her to but aside all the drunken effects temporally.

Stopping to check for soldiers, Jesse cursed to see 2 of them standing guard at his door. I watched in now amazement, she drew her hands in together, then focused enough, she moved her hands in oppisite directions, one towards her and one away.

Nothing seemed to happen but when I eventually saw the soldiers, their eyes where utterly black and skin a sicken white. Jesse had already entered the kings chambers, I pushed the wooden door open faintly to see the queen unconscious on the floor with a minor head wound.

The King held a sword ready, his face was lined with fear. Jesse took the blade in bare hands and tore it off him. The deep cuts now in her palms didn't seem to bother her at all.

Grabbing his collar, Jesse shoved him against the wall; knocking King Levi's breath out.

"Why would you send them on a mission like this!"

He snorted "They had it coming...You know it, You let it happen!"

Thrusting him harder she spoke through her teeth "I would do nothing like it!"

"You killed them! You where taken!", "I cant go back there! I've taken care of them for too long!"

King Levi finally gathered enough strength to overpower her. Jesse had intended this attack to be about the assignment, but this was something else they fought over.

Levi pushed back, knocking Jesse off unsteady feet. He snatched the dagger from her belt; pinned her down by the shoulders. Taking its cold steel edge to Jesse's throat, I couldn't do anything to help.

"You let them die...Its your fault, you killed them, all of them...When you where changed, your soul became nothing more than a shadow!" I could see clearly that it was not just hatred that filled his mind now. Levi had a sad sorrow like a great loss had been over him from Jesse.

"I didn't kill them! You give me these kids to see over, now you send them to their deaths! You are the taken!"

It pained me so much to see a close friend taking this beating and just stand there. Levi struck her with his fist's a number of times before Jesse managed to get her dagger back. Blood trailed down her lip, I realized she was backing to the door. I ran down the hall again as quick as I could, slamming the door shut too my room.
I had run, run fast and didn't look back. I knew if I had been seen, whether Jesse was my friend of not, I knew her too well that she would have killed me without a seconds thought.

The next day right before the 5 dragon's where up and saddled before daybreak. I had put aside last night's event's. When Shaun had asked what happen to Jesse, she simply said she had been drinking at an inn. King Levi and her didn't show any resentment to each other.
Leaving at sunrise; King Levi and his Queen had a few private words with us all away from the villagers, who had come out to fare-well us. We had already gave any last minute goodbye's to people we knew in the castle.

"You all have your elemental dragons as it is''

'For this assignment, you will need assistance from your elements'' King Levi uttered, pulling 5 necklaces out of a bag. The rising red light coming in behind him making his dark hair look white. I gasped to see a cruel cut down his neck, it disappeared under his cloak.

''Jordan step forward, your element is Fire..." A ruby carved to look like a sword hung on the gold sequence.

"Shaun your element is Water..." A sapphire like a pirate ship.

"Tiana you are Air..." A diamond shaped like a book.

"Rebecca you are earth" An opal that looked like a cat's eye.

"...and...Jesse, darkness'' It wasn't a diamond, but a plain black chain.

Oh wow...I would never have guessed that Jesse...Darkness...cough

"These amulets will provide you with the power to control the elements.''

Stepping back I asked, curious about something "My lord, beg my pardon, but their is 6 elements? Light as well"

He didn't say anything, just stopped thinking blankly. "If its your will, my lord." Jesse put in. Walking graceful and a pleasant look on her face, she wrapped me across the head "Keep to yourself, girl..."

"It will be hard and long journey, I have but one piece of advice''

"Heed my words, The Elements hide things you'd never have laid eyes on. Some of you already know this, in any case. But keep your wits and minds clear, Trust thou and thy deal one towards death...never trust one who deals with death and life over one brethren" This made absolutely no sense what so ever, but I listen happily.

''Remember and don't remeber'' The queen yelled as each of us mounted on our dragons. We flew off in a north-westerly direction until we could not be seen. As King Levi turned around he cursed '' ...Their dead..."

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