"You take it, and get it to her quickly" Co held it in front of me. I reached for it slowly, taking in the glorious sight of the diamond. He drew his hand away seeing that I had a face of greed.

I felt ashamed of what I had been overcome by.

''You take it" he passed it to Rebecca. The man named Co nodded a goodbye and walked into the limitless crowd.

It took us a while to get out of the town. Once a clear distance from the town I ran up to Rebecca "C'mon, lets see it!!", "Yeah come on!!" Jordan yelled excitedly; we both danced around her like little children.

''Here take it" she said irritated by us.

I stole it from her and ran to the nearest moon beam breaking through a cloud.

It shone even more brightly, deep within it moving and dancing. The gold veins sparkling, swaying as if it was being blown by the wind, inwards. ''Hey! Are you to coming!" Shaun called out back to us.

We didn't notice that they had made it to the top of the hill. Running up to join them and quickly moving down the other side, Night and Dusty where the only dragons still here.

"Jesse! Who was that tattooed guy?" I wandered around the camp, "How'd you get the..." Shaun leaned down to pick up a parchment. "Hey, I found a note"

It tripped on a saddle rein, gathering around shaun, he read it out.

"I have business of my own to deal with here in Red Nile. Take Night with you, I'll met you in Tabin Walls in 3 weeks time. Jesse" That's all it said.

Grunting, Jordan kicked at the ground, lighting a small flame. "Why would she take off!"

I tapped the note, "Business to kill, I mean attend to" I said. Sitting down, Shaun cast me a black look "She would never take a living soul!"

I sat taking something out of the supplies to eat, it only occurred to me that I had forgotten about the night before we left.
"She fought with anything that pissed her enough" Jordan protested. Rebecca disagreed "She had heart, she would only fight out of self-defense"

Should I tell them...If Jesse where to find out, I would be dead and not exaggerating either. But I had been watching them, I also betrayed my king. Treason means death

Like a flash flood, the events of what had happened that night flowed freely from my mouth. I don't know why they did, but I couldn't stop them. After I finished resiting the fight, a sudden dizziness washed over me. Rubbing my eyes, I felt a cold liquid on my hand, Ink. Wet ink from when I had tapped the note. "Are you alright?" Jordan sat beside my, letting me rest on his shoulder.

Saddling up early, we made good ground that day. We where about an hours flight before the gate to Red Nile when Rebecca swung down into my saddle.

"Um..ok, how do we actuall get through the gates?"

A long pause of thinking followed that. I hadn't a clue how, what they looked like other than books in libaries.
Shaun and Jordan where discussing the same issue, "Look!" Shaun called out pointing ahead. The gates where already in sight.

Taking Sky's rein's, I signalled for her to land followed by the others.

Starring at the giant grey mass, they weren't gates to be precise; it was more like a giant swirling mass of grey, white and black.

"There isn't anyone standing guard..." Jordan watched it, "So what? We just walce on through?"

He shrugged, "I guess so..."

"Wait...Didn't Father Gradion at Ra'Dean say something about certain words to get to where you want, or passwords of that sort?" I could remember him telling us, reading it aloud from a book.

A few seconds passed before Rebecca's intelligence kicked in "It wasn't words, a...I forgot, it's a thing not words"

Starring off into space, I had no idea about that. In the end after 5 minutes of compressed thinking, we decided on flying through, what could happen if we didn't have the thing? Each on our own dragon, we flew in file with Rebecca first, Shaun, Me, Jordan and Night bringing up the rear. I was surprised to find that the jade necklace that had been given to Rebecca to deliver was the key.

Red Nile was no different to Ra'Dean, blue skies all the same. I guess I had expected it to be like hell, Jesse had described it as such a horribly place, somewhere she would rather die than go. I never understood why.

Landing in a grove, Jordan laid out the old map of Red Nile.

"OK, the gate's here...It'll take us at least 2 weeks to get to Tabin Walls from here..." I interrupted Jordan's mapping skills.

"Do you think we should be flying the dragons over all these places...I mean, we rock up, Izzy's already got his entire army ready and every sort of grim reaper weapon pointed at us. And whoops! We get our head's blown off..."

Jordan nodded, "Sounds fun..."

Sitting back Shaun passed around his skin of water, "So, what now..."

Rebecca took a delicate drink; a piece of light brown hair got mixed in it "We could try to avoid people"

Picking up a stick near him, Jordan traced several routes. "It'll take another week"

"I say, ditch the dragon's, they'll be able to find a better, quicker route without carrying us and they can fly a lot higher."

"We, bare with me...We make out way directly to Tabin Walls, hitching rides with travellers, jump on a couple of boats...we'll be fine" Shaun's hand danced around on the map from one town to another.

Looking at the old brown scroll, rivers literally crossed the entire Kingdom. They where everywhere, in all directions. A thick, red line went straight threw Tabin Wall's, home to King Izzy, did a couple of turns then landed into a circle which surrounded the gate. Red Nile.

"Where on an island..." I felt like an idiot saying it aloud. Jordan snorted "Wow, you're...Ah, terribly smart"

Coming back to reality, Rebecca had some sense of the plan. "For once, I say go with Shaun's plan. We've got enough gold to take us to every village, city or town."

At that, telling our dragons to meet us at a valley called ImprintEast of Tabin Walls, we started walking aimlessly to a small fishing village. Enough supplies in our packs, changing cloths to more common gowns, it seemed that it was all good. The village wasn't.

As we moved closer to the village, distant cries of women and children and sight of thick smoke rising into the blue sky, we started to move quicker. It was clear when we peeked over a large rock, the town was being raided. Rogue of some sort ran around on horse's igniting the house's and senselessly killing people.
I wonder if the smoke got to us because we jumped over and ran at the village, taking on 40 odd rogue's with just 4 of us. But we did.

Spotting one, I swung my arms in his direction, the force of the wind cause him ad his horse to fall. Running, I took the horse and knocked the man a full 50 feet backwards. How could I out the fire out? Kicking my horse into a gallop, Shaun and Jordan where already on it.

A scream drew my attention to house, it was engulfed by flame and by the sounds, a woman an 2 children inside. Bringing my hands around like a vortex, nothing happened. I tried again. Nothing happened. I tried again, but I only got half way through the action's when a sharp pain shot through my head, then it was black. Nothing.

Isn't it so much easier just to have them, say get KO'ed instead of going through all that fighting military crap? Saved myself a bloody extra chapter.