It's All In Your Head...

Enclosed in a box of people, the walls are turning red!
Spinning, whirling, damn it!! where is my head??

I left it here a while ago, ringing and singing a bloody murder scream
Resting quietly it seemed, on a bed of whipped cream
The world's floating by like a slow motion screen
The blue lines of colors, but I really like green

Prancing, waltzing a savage voodoo dance
Eyes slowly roll and stare in a midnight trance
Ribbons and curls or a ratted frizzy nest
Pray to the altar or pray to the west
Touch is soft or rusty dry
Pain for joy or pain to cry

Cold big house or a coffin warm
A gentle drop or a crashing storm
Torture brutal or tickled pink
Okay, stop now and try to think

What's that crushed between the bowling balls dead??
Ohhhh, there it is!! there's my head!

(age 14, after going on Disney's haunted house ride)