Tarantulas the Size of Cats

So! you've come to visit me in my sweet little cage
How do you like it? I really do prefer beige
These evil beings, Tarantulas the size of cats
They prey upon disease, the human rat

See? Listen, can't you hear them laugh?
There! In the corner, running up the staff
They think I'm insane because I see them everywhere??
I'm a Gift to humanity because my vision's so rare

Oh these stark, white rubber walls
Stroking my stone soul, and they're so tall!
What are you staring at? Don't look at me so strange
You're the one who's crazy and deranged

They put all Prophets in here who are Real and True
And I'm going to send them after you
You'll be their Feast, their Party, their human rat
Tarantulas the size of cats

And I'll sit back and watch, what a glorious ball
What's that sound (the warden coming down the hall)
No! You can't leave yet, you've got to stay!
I'm so alone here, stay, I pray

Ah, you're nothing but a human rat!
The tarantulas the size of cats
Damn you!! In the shadows the tarantulas will lurk

(age 15, a man visits his wife in an asylum—after watching some old Saturday afternoon Susan Hayward movie)