You would be?
by JammyMacca

Summary: I could have easily written a list of the many things about him I didn't like, well multiple lists actually, but he had this very clever way of making me forget all about it and think about...other things.


"So you're the guy smoking a cigarette purely for the fact you know it's bad for you?" I asked.

One smirk equals yes.

"You would also be the guy who would comment on how 'fine' a girl's ass is even if you never actually looked?"

Half a smile also equals yes.

"That would make you the guy who rides a motorbike when you know it's more practical to have a car?"

Grin, again equals yes.

I sighed because it was qualities like that in a guy which put me off. I didn't understand men that do things even when they know it's stupid or awkward or annoying. Why someone would want to make their life more difficult was beyond me.

But I had to face the facts, because even though he did everything that I was against, I still liked him. Yeah, I liked the idiot who made countless sexual innuendos because he knew how angry they got me.

"Please tell me you have a pet?" My weakness was animals and if anything could salvage the mess I was in it would be a cute, bouncy creature that would bring out his sensitive side.

"I had a hamster once but I left the cage open and I accidently stepped on it without realising."

I groaned and he laughed. That poor hamster, stuck with a imbecile like him when he could have been adopted by a caring, loving family who would feed him peanuts rather than squash him with their big feet.

"Don't worry, he's probably in hamster heaven now, he was a good pet in the two days I had him." He was grinning at me now as if the hamster's life meant nothing. If he was trying to woo me, cruelty to animals was not the way to do it. If only I knew the RSPCA's number...

"Look," He said, turning in the swing he was currently occupying next to mine to face me straight on. "I know there are a lot of things about me you don't like," I interrupted him with a snort and he silenced me with a raised, pierced eyebrow, "but even you can't deny that we're drawn to each other."

Ha, drawn to each other. Like a moth to a...well something a moth wouldn't be drawn to.

"Just because you keep popping up everywhere I am -"

"You're everywhere I am." He accused, pointing a figure towards me then back at him.

My mouth hung open, "You'd better not be accusing me of stalking you because let me tell you something, it's more believable that I was the first one in the cinema watching that chick flick than you. Can you honestly look me in the eye and tell me you're a Hugh Grant fan?"

"It was the only thing on worth watching, I had no idea you were in there."

There were two reasons why I wasn't going to believe that. One, the film was awful. Even I almost walked out half way through and I love Hugh Grant. And two, he was smiling at me so innocently that I knew he had to be lying. That man didn't have an innocent bone in his body.

"We really aren't getting anywhere." I sighed. We had been sitting together, not touching I might add, for half an hour and I still hadn't decided what I was going to do, if anything.

"That's because I already know what I want. It's you we're waiting on, love." I scowled at the pet name because instead of making me feel special it usually made me feel cheap, as if he couldn't remember my actual name.

"Don't call me that." I snapped, causing him to smirk, which was not my desired response. I was hoping for something more along the lines of "sorry" but even I knew that was pushing it a bit.

He'd turned away from me now and was staring at the rest of the park, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees. Staring at his profile I couldn't deny he was attractive even if it was the dark, rugged kind of handsome I had decided years ago wasn't to my taste. I had always thought that I would fall for a blond haired, blue eyed boy. Not that I was falling for him though, but you know what I mean.

It wasn't that we moved in completely different circles that worried me. He left school every lunch with his friends for unknown reasons which I suspected included a smoke because he couldn't do it in the school grounds, while I sat on a bench outside with my loud and, let's face it, slightly crazy friends who scare him more than he scares them.

It also wasn't the fact that we would look so strange together, me with my hopefully normal jeans, T-shirt and auburn hair and him with his black but slightly bluish short hair, usual black outfit, complete with black and white Vans.

It was partly due to the fact that the only reason we had met in the first place was because I had cautiously gone into the shop where he worked to buy some band shirt that my sister had been pestering me about for her birthday. When he saw what I was buying he'd smiled, showing me he approved of my purchase and started talking to me. I realised that day that he was completely different to what I had expected and I, begrudgingly, started to like him. We bumped into each other often after that and talked, him taunting me because he knew how easily I could be wound up and me trying, but failing, to create a dent in his huge ego. But even though he said he liked me there was still that niggling feeling at the back of my mind that said he only really started to like me when he thought I was buying that T-shirt for me, something that I had yet to correct him on. I was worried that if I gave him the chance he asked me for, then he would realise I wasn't what he wanted or expected and that would be it.

You might think that's stupid, but everyone has some irrational insecurity that they can't seem to shake off.

So my dilemma was, take a chance and say yes to a date with an incredible good looking guy who was as completely opposite to my type as it can get, or walk away and deal with not only my own, but my friends disappointment at letting something that could potentially be amazing, go.

"We're completely different." I whispered, even though I knew that he knew because he often made fun of me about my tastes.

"So?" He straightened up and looked at me as I sat, frozen.

He said "so" like it was that simple, like we wouldn't not have anything to talk about or to do together.

"Opposites attract, right?" He said and where I expected his smirk to be was actually sporting a whisper of a smile.

"That's a stupid rumour probably created by some poor, evil man hoping to seduce a nice, rich women into marriage." I argued.

"You believe that and yet you continue to read romance novels." Now he was smirking.

I blushed, forgetting for a second about the time the other week when he caught me under a tree at school reading my favourite book.

"I'm so unlike anyone you've dated before." I decided to go from another angle.

"How do you know who else I've dated?"

Damn, I guess it was obvious now that I had asked his best friend who he'd been out with before. (They were sexy, rock chick girls with serious attitude problems by the way.)

"That's irrelavent, I'm just trying to make a point. I'm not your type." I had no idea why I was trying to persuade him off me when deep down I knew I really didn't want it, but call me stubborn, I wasn't really a fan of change.

"You know what? I'm getting really sick of this, it's bad enough that you judge me on what I do or who I'm with but the fact that you're resisting this based on the stupid idea that you're wrong for me is getting really annoying."

I opened my mouth to retaliate but it didn't seem like he was finished.

"Why can't I like you? You're sweet, funny, loyal to your friends to a point where you would probably take a beating for them and even though you continuously make assumptions on how our relationship would work based on our tastes, you haven't actually ever once looked down on me because of they way I am. Sorry, but I fail to see what I wouldn't like about you."

Although I stayed silent, by now my smile was so big it was probably hurting my jaw if I cared to notice. He seemed so vehemently sure on how he felt about me and if it wasn't for the churning in my stomach making me feel giddy, I probably would have launched myself at him.

"I know I'm not your perfect guy, but if you just give me the chance I can show you that this is right." He had laced his fingers through mine and was rubbing his thumb across my knuckles, not once looking away from my eyes, convincing me that what he was staying was true.

"Plus, I can tell without looking that you have a great ass." I laughed, finally breaking my silence and he smiled when he heard it, looking slightly relieved.

"You have all the qualities I don't like in a guy." I said and watched his face fall. "You pretend to be a badass, but then you go and say stuff like that to me and destroy whatever opinion I have of you." I could see hope beginning to creep back into his eyes again and it spurned me on.

"And yet, despite all those qualities, I still like you. I still laugh at your stupid innuendos when you aren't looking at me and I still blush when you feed me a corny line about my bum. Do you know what that tells me?"

Smiling, he replied, "That my charm is unbeatable?"

I laughed. "No, actually it tells me that for me to like you, even when you do things that annoy the crap out of me, then you must be worth it. You made me see that there's more to you than smoking or riding a bike and that actually underneath it there's someone who I could so easily fall in love with."

He was leaning closer to me and I knew what he wanted, but I had to say something first.

"You let me see the real you when were alone like this, and if I'm honest, I'm not scared that we won't work or that we won't click. I'm scared that you've got this high opinion of me and that if we take this further then you're just going to be disappointed."

He was so close now that I could feel his breathe fanning out across my cheek, his nose almost touching mine.

"You will never disappoint me. Every time I see you, you exceed any expectation I have," he smiled, "For instance, I was sure you were going to turn me down straight away but you've yet to have done that."

Unconsciously I moved closer, realising faintly that there was no way I could turn him down now. His finger trailed down from my eyebrow to the corner of my lips, and my eyelids fluttered closed at his touch.

"One date," He whispered, "then you can tell me if I'm worth it."

Knowing his eyes were on me, I nodded and then added, "I already know you are."

And finally, after weeks of teasing, coaxing and persuasion, he pressed his lips against mine in a slow, sweet kiss that pushed any thoughts against him, or any thoughts at all, away.

When we pulled away my hand was on the back of his neck and his was entwined with my other hand.

"You know for such a badass your kiss was pretty soft."

He clearly considered that a challenge because he wiped my self-assured smirk off my face with an equally passionate yet much harder kiss, leaving me with no breath to even consider mocking him again.

I'm pretty sure now that there are now more qualities that I like about him than dislike, but that didn't mean I would ever let him hold my pet gerbil.


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