I wish I could contort my face,

Into the lie you wish to see.

Make myself the happiness,

That you long for me to be.

But these glass tears,

They shred apart my mask.

No matter what I do,

I can't hold the ugliness back.

I am the broken hearted,

Of the infinitely forlorn.

I taste of dead flesh,

And reek of decaying scorn.

My eyes they see no rainbow,

Only a thunderous storm.

My mouth is dry like a desert,

No death to be reborn.

If only your forgiveness,

Could rain down upon my sin.

And tear away this shell,

That keeps me caged within.

Yet no matter how I tell you,

Its as if I have no tongue to speak.

And under all this madness,

My soul has grown too weak.

I sit here in the darkness,

Wrapped within myself.

I whisper lies to ease my mind,

"There is this and nothing else."