for a moment i
stood still on the
levee, over the river
that flows backwards.

(and then, like the
wind enveloping me
in serendipitous
reverie – a

strong smooth
hands drifting,
dancing over hips
and thighs; lips
grazing earlobe,
jaw, the hollow of
my neck and i

slipped beneath the

it was like when
we were younger,
hot summer days
relieved by cool
tranquility; we
held our breaths
and sank to the

letting the pressure build

it was just too much,
too good, and we

came up for air—

shuddering in slow,
harmonious release.)

after a moment, i
turned and ascended
the hill, distant
train whistles and
the flow of the
river serving as a
subtle reminder,

an ache of desire.