Free-Flying Feather

Free-flying feather

Carried by the wind

Going as it pleased



Gently floating

It looks down at Earth

And laughs

As it, unlike us, has no troubles

At all


Oh, if only I

Could be just like that

Free-flying feather



The wind dies

Storm clouds gather

Rain pours down

Washing away the feather

The feather cries

But no one hears


How lucky am I

That I am not that

Free-flying feather

A/N: A little piece of randomness I thought was strange and didn't post until now (don't ask me why). I tried to put some meaning into it except I think it's too obvious - not as subtle as I would have liked it.

Either way, read, hopefully enjoy, and review! Flames welcome (depending on your definition) and throw a rotten tomato if it's bad.

Have a nice day!