Amiee and Dan

By Louise Hughes

A Story About A Girl Named Amiee And Her Twin Brother Has Just Died. This Is The Story Of After The Death, The Funeral And How She Copes.

Chapter One

In the darkened room Amiee was crying. She had been crying so hard that both of her pillows were soaked through, her top wet and her face covered in make – up. Why was Amiee crying? Her beloved twin brother had died. He had been in the Science block at NorthEast High school. There had been a gas leak, he lit a match and … you guessed. It started a fire and the firemen were too late.

Amiee got up and ran out of the room, to the bathroom. Her blonde hair was stuck to the sides of her pretty face. The area around her hazel eyes was red and sore. She ran the hot tap & grabbed her flannel. After the sink was full she pulled back her hair and washed her face. All the smudged make-up was coming off. Her pale skin was showing through all the foundation. Half an hour later Amiee was sat on her bed looking at a photo.

It was a lovely photo. It was of her and her brother Dan at their 13th birthday party. They were standing together, hugging each other & wearing massive smiles. Amiee started to smile at the picture.

"Oh Dan," she whispered to herself.

She put the photo on her bedside table and laid down. Her lips were moving but no sound was coming out. She was mouthing the words to her and Dan's favourite song and theme tune, 'You've got a friend in me' from Toy story.

The next morning Amiee was getting ready in her school uniform. NorthEast was very strict about school uniform. A red blazer, a white blouse, a red & black tie, black boots and black trousers. She was also putting on her make – up. There was a knock at the door and her sister Gabi walked in.

"You ok Amiee?" she asked.

Amiee nodded her head in reply. Even though Gabi was 16 she was Amiee's best friend and first source of help.

Amiee put down her lipstick and picked up her bag. She looked around the neat room before walking out of it. While walking down the stairs she could her mum singing,

"Take my hand, together we will be ok,"

Her mum was an amazing singer and so was Amiee, though she didn't admit it. Her mum also played the piano and French horn and Amiee played the piano and flute. Her family was very musical.

She reached the kitchen and walked in. Her mum was making pancakes for breakfast.

"You oh love?" her mum asked.

Amiee looked up and smiled. The long cry had got it out of her system. Her mum handed her a plate of pancakes, but Amiee didn't touch them. She wasn't very hungry. It was 8am. Time to leave.

"Bye mum." she whispered.

The bus came at quarter past so she could talk to her best mate at school Kelsi. Kelsi had long wavy black hair and was always tanned. Kelsi was the same age as Amiee and always knew how Amiee acted & why.

"You ok Ams?" she asked

Amiee nodded in reply and looked at her watch.

"Not talking much are ya?" Kelsi continued.

At that moment the bus arrived. Kelsi's boyfriend waving to her.

Amiee got on the bus and sat near the back. She put her mp3 on and looked out the window. Whilst the bus was going past the park, Amiee was sure she saw Dan.

"Don't be silly Amiee. He's dead." she said to herself.

The bus stopped at NorthEast High. She picked up her bag and got of the bus. Amiee looked around the entrance. She slowly made her way towards the door, to the music room. She found her form tutor there.

"Amiee. Are you alright?" he asked, "about what happened?"

Amiee looked down and started to cry. Mr Venter, her form tutor, ran over to comfort her.

"Why did Dan have to go?" she was asking herself over and over again. Whilst this was going on the bell went for first period. Mr Venter was on the phone to the office at this point.

Chapter Two

"I'll keep her with me until she calms down. Of course. Hm." Mr Venter was talking to the people at the office. Amiee had sat down, head in hands crying. Her tutor walked in and hugged her.

"You're going to stay with me for a while, ok." he said.

Amiee nodded and wiped her eyes. She stood up and shuffled to the window. Mr Venter had sat himself down at the grand piano and started to play Amiee's favourite song.

He then started to sing.

"We're soaring. Flying."

Amiee was tempted to sing as well but something held her back. She had always sung with Dan. Maybe it was time to move on. She pushed the thought out of her head.

"Come on. It's meant to be a duet. Or how 'bout this?" and started to play 'I'm not alone now' that Amiee had composed herself. Amiee started to join in. A smile forming on her face. Her voice carried over the whole school. Ms Montez smiled. He'd done it she thought.

Amiee was having fun and remembering the moments when she was composing it. She loved the song she wrote. As her voice carried over the whole school, everyone began to smile. Kelsi the most. Amiee had finished singing and sat down. Her face wet with tears but wearing a big smile. She looked over at her tutor.

"Thank you sir." she began "I'll have to go solo now's he's gone."

Mr Venter was about to say something when the office phone rang. He signalled to Amiee that he'd be back soon.

"Mr Venter, you're a star!" went the voice on the phone. It was Ms Montez, NorthEast's principal. Mr Venter smiled.

Amiee had sat down at the piano and was longing to play something. She couldn't bring herself to. She heard her tutor put the phone down and walk into the room. He looked at Amiee and said,

"Play something."

Amiee was about to say no when she caught a glimpse of a photo on the wall.

"Amiee. What would Dan want you to do?" Mr Venter asked.

Amiee thought for a few seconds before she answered.

"He'd want me to play 'What should I do' so I feel better,"

Mr Venter nodded and sat down.

She began to play and after the first few bars she was singing. She felt Mr Venter's kind eyes look at her. The other music teacher chose to walk in at that point and Amiee stopped playing.

"Don't stop. You're good," she said.

The other music teacher, whose name is Miss Coleman, sat down and started to talk to Mr Venter.

Amiee got up and walked over to the photo. It was of her and her brother Dan in New York with Ms Montez and Mr Venter. Amiee remembered it. They had gone out to perform because people thought they were amazing at singing together. Miss Coleman at this point had sat down at the piano and began to play 'Close Every Door' from Joseph. Amiee began to cry again and fell against the wall.

The bell went for second period and Amiee got up gathered her stuff and was about to leave when Mr Venter stopped her.

"Are you sure you're up to it?" he asked frowning.

Amiee nodded and opened her mouth.

"If I stay in here I will cry. I need to work."

She pulled open the door and left. She walked to her locker and was about to enter her code when somebody jumped at her. It was Tom, Dan's best friend, he looked as if he was upset. Tom was taller than Amiee, a school jock and an amazing friend.