Chapter Three

"Tom!" Amiee sounded surprised.

Tom grabbed Amiee's arm and pulled her to the Drama Room. He pulled out a note and gave it to Amiee. It was from Dan. It was to Tom.

"Read it," he managed to say before collapsing in a nearby seat."


I want you know that you're the most amazing mate I could wish, nearly better than Ams. We've done a lot of things together, specially in footy, let Amiee know that I love her, because I feel I won't see her again. Let her know that I will be looking over her always. You're a fab mate.

Thanks for everything,


Amiee sank to the floor and felt Tom slide down beside her. She felt his arm around her shoulder and being pulled towards him.

"He was great. I'll miss him just as much as you Amiee." he whispered to Amiee.

Luckily it was their free period. Amiee began to cry and Tom pulled her in closer. They were still in this position when the Drama teacher entered. She was about to say something, but Tom shook his head. The Drama teacher was Tom's mum, Mrs White. Tom looked at Amiee. She had cried herself to sleep. Tom carefully unhooked his arm and laid Amiee down.

"Mum. She's really upset." he started "What should we do?"

His mum walked over to her desk and got a piece of paper and wrote 'Closed'. Tom smiled.

"She's in my next lesson" Tom continued

Mrs White looked at Tom for a moment.

"What have you got next?" she asked

Tom looked blank for a moment before replying


The bell went for next lesson and Amiee hadn't stirred.

"By mum," Tom said before walking out of the room.

He walked to his locker and put his bag inside and took out his chem book. Whilst walking past Amiee's locker to get to Chemisty he slide a note through the top of the door.

Chapter Four

Tom's chemisty teacher wasn't suprised that Amiee wasn't in the lesson. She had heard about the accident from Mr Cole, Dan's science teacher, as it was in his lab. Meanwhile in the Drama room Amiee had woken up and was talking to Mrs White.

"I remember your 6th grade graduation party and Dan soaked you with the hose. Your dress was ruined." Mrs White lauged at the memory.

Amiee smiled. She walked over to her bag and pulled out a small purple photo album. It was her reminder of Dan and her Dad who had passed away a few years ago. No one ever looked at it apart from Amiee and Gabby.

"Miss, I want you to look at this." she said before sinking to the floor.

Mrs White, (NB: Taylor is her first name and I may refer to her as it as Amiee has known her for ever and all the other teachers) opened the cover and sighed.

Over in the chem room Tom was looking again at Dan's note.

"Mr White. Are you in this lesson or shall I put you in a detention?" asked the chem teacher.

Tom jumped and stuffed the note into his bag.

"I'm with you Miss!"

"I'm glad to hear it, now pay attention!" the Chem teacher said.

Tom nodded. The rest of the lesson went quite normally and without any problems. Back in the Drama room Amiee and Mrs White were busy talking about what Dan was good at and what he was bad at.

"Unfortunately, I taught Dan for Drama and I think he had a good imagination but always over reacted. He always involved violence!"

Amiee laughed.

"At home we always sang, yeah and he started to change the lyrics to everything. Even our theme song! It was so funny though. I think I have it on my phone, somewhere."

Now that Amiee had shared some of her most treasured memories she felt a little better. It was good to share memories. Even the ones you don't want to remember. The bell went for third period. Amiee got up to leave, but Taylor got up first and went to the door.

"Are you sure?" she asked

Amiee replied with,

"Yes. I've cried enough today to last me a life time."

Taylor laughed. She opened the door and Amiee walked out. At the same moment she saw Tom walking towards her. Tom was smiling so Amiee started to smile as well. When they reached each other Tom gave Amiee a hug. They started to walk to there next lesson. French.When they reached the French classroom Mme. Darbus looked at them kindly. She asked in French,

"Ca va?" (How are you?)

"Ok." Answered Tom and Amiee.

They walked in and sat down in their respectable places. Tom looked over at Amiee and asked,

"Can I still copy you? I suck at French!!"

Amiee nodded and as the classroom began to fill she started to write in her file. As the lesson began Tom kept turning round and asking her questions. Amiee answered them, grateful that her mind was off Dan. Mme. Darbus kept asking Amiee questions as she knew it was important that she was kept busy. Tom kept asking questions and copying her. It was like a normal day. As the lesson drew to a close, Mme Darbus asked Amiee to read out her assignment.

"Hi! My name is Louise! This is my diary for my school. It is the school holidays this week and this is what I got up today. Today I went into town with my friends and went shopping. I got a new bag and some new shoes. They are great!! Then I went to a café and had a drink and a sandwich. Then we got the bus home and watched a movie. It was great. Then my friend went home and I went on the computer. I had lots of emails and I answered all of them. Then I had tea and watched TV until 9.00pm. Then I went up to my room and did some homework. Got to go, Louise!!"

The whole class burst into applause and Mme. Darbus smiled at her. Amiee felt a whole lot better after that and left the room with a smile on her face. Tom appeared at her side and gave her a hug. Amiee's smile was catching as half the corridor was now smiling. It was now lunch period and Tom walked Amiee towards the cafeteria where all the jocks were. Tom had, had a quiet word with them in free period about her sitting with them. They said it was fine.

"Are you ok?" Tom asked her

Amiee nodded. She had made some friends with some of the cheerleaders and jocks. As she stood up to leave, Tom pulled her down again. He whispered to her,

"Check your locker."

Amiee looked at him strangely and he just smiled. She walked out with the whole of the jock table waving at her with smiles on their faces. She walked to her locker and put her bag in. Then she noticed a blue envelope with her name on it. It was in a writing she didn't recognise. She slowly lifted the flap with her thumb, whilst looking up and down the corridor. She slowly started to read the note,

'Hey Amiee,

It's me Tom. There is some stuff I gotta tell ya but I can't do it verbally. So, I thought I would write it down. If your reading this the day I put it in your locker, you would have just eaten with the Jocks. Right?

Amiee nodded

How do I put this? I like you Amiee. More than a friend. I have done for a while. After Dan, it became more apparent to me. I love you. I know I should tell you this to your face, but I can't.

Amiee nodded, but she understood his reasoning. The smile on her face was bigger than ever

Can you meet me after school at my house? I've got some more stuff to tell you, that can wait until I have the courage to tell you straight.