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Just my Luck

Satan'z Myth

Girls are comfortable with girls, and boys with boys. That is a universal fact that is mostly true. There comes in the point that I just said mostly true…but since no one really cares about the minority of the people for whom this statement remains to be untrue, they set up techniques and systems based on it. Men have to pee standing beside each other, they have to undress for gym class in front of each other, and after that take a shower together. Furthermore, there is the thing, when you go to a high security area, most women would not like to have guys ogle by body searching them, and hence the rule: women guards are assigned to women, and men for men.

But all that which is perfectly comfortable for heterosexual, and sometimes called normal, people is not really hence for people of the other sort – homosexual people, a category to which I belong. What was worse, and rather absurd that as a school project in my junior year each of us were assigned jobs randomly, and as luck would have it, I got the most unsuited job that a horny 17-year old could land up with. Just my luck!

I yawned. It was a surprisingly hot afternoon, and I use the word 'surprisingly' as I was working in a centrally air-conditioned multiplex. And, today was a school day when every lucky chap who was not stuck with a "school project" like me was probably at school, and for once I craved to be at school. At least I got afford to sleep over there. Yet again, just my luck!

I started thinking how much money my school was earning by lending its students to do voluntary work. And while cursing the damned school with his damned headmaster, I unknowingly dozed off… and before I could realize that I had fallen into wonderland, I was hastily awakened by a man in his early forties in all probability. "Sonny, your shift is over." I looked at my watch which agreed with said words, so I sprang up, a grin on my face, and almost leaped into the air as I was about leave...or would have had I not abruptly stood up to find my eyes locked incessantly with the most beautiful eyes on earth. And either it was a couple of weeks, days or seconds I did not know, but I simply stood there, entranced. Then I heard a distant voice, "excuse me," and it broke my trance. Embarrassed, I muttered an apology, and I ran from the place. But, not before I cast a last glance at him – I saw him turning towards me.

He was the most beautiful man I had ever seen.

Next day, I went for my "job" yet again. I was cursing the school and its authorities yet again. In fact, it had become a lot like a habit. Yet still, the joys and satisfaction that it brought was…irreplaceable! But something had changed from when I had come yesterday, dreading the next six days – this time a part of me was silently hoping that that beautiful kid would come again…

Yesterday, I had gone home to find myself unable to get him out of my mind. He looked about 16, and though I would normally call him a twerpy kid, I had ended up referring to him as the beautiful kid…those eyes. And, it still remains a mystery how I managed to keep it to myself…though I did find myself horny…but then again, am seventeen – am supposed to be horny even at the drop of a hat!

But, anyway, that beautiful kid…let's hope he comes again – this time, hopefully, during MY shift…besides, it was a Saturday – EVERYBODY comes to watch a movie on Saturdays. In fact, I myself had a movie right after my own shift!

The day proceeded, with bearded, fat forty-something men coming to get their bodies checked for guns, and let me inform you if you do not know – no other job can be quite as boring as this particular one…and I wondered where all the good-looking, hot guys had gone off to. But, a part of me knew that it would not do well to a certain part of me, if I was made to do such a thing. What a corny thing to say! But, yeah…it is true! So, the day ended and no hot guys…just gross men whom I would otherwise call my 'uncles'…

I sighed to myself, half with despair and half with relief – today was the very last day of working here. I thought of those three guys from my school that had come together. I used to have a crush on one of them previously, and I (my conscience tells me to say: "unconsciously", while my manhood tells me otherwise) let my hand linger a little too long when checking his back pockets, on his ass. He abruptly turned pink and gave me a look before saying: "Can't you faggot see there isn't a pocket out here?" Giving me a disgusting look, he passed me mumbling something of which I could interpret random words like "fag", "whacking off" and "fucker". Behind him, his friends told me not to even come near them, or I would be found dead the next day. I let them pass with the hope that they were not really carrying guns in their pockets! I had earned a good telling off from the women security guards there.

Sighing once more, heavily, I got to the ticket counter and got myself another movie ticket, not caring off which movie, right after my LAST shift, to celebrate. I would rather go off with friends, but today my relief was dedicated all to myself! With this joyous thought, I cast a glance at my watch, just three more hours, and am free! I got to work.

Today the mall and the multiplex were rather full of teenagers. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that today was Australia day and everybody seems to want to enjoy on such occasions…because teenagers just need an excuse! And, probably because of that, a lot of guys, most of them surprisingly hot, were coming. I could feel myself semi-aroused. I kept praying silently that my dick would not be so tempted today…please, please, please…

I cast another glance at my watch…two more minutes, I mentally added a silent "yes!" even though a part of me regretted that that beautiful guy had not turned up(and I had not had the excuse to touch him)…and the thought had barely registered that I caught sight of blonde hair, deep brown eyes, walking towards me…

"Sonny, your shift is up, time to go," and that voice ruined my anticipation. I turned around, and gave him a look which said an inaudible 'I don't think so.. Not again are you taking him away!' And I guess he got the point, or was bowled over by it, and turned silent for a moment.

And, just then, he reached me. "Hey, you're the guy who walked into me," he smiled. There was a simultaneous effect on me at the sound of his voice draped in a crispy accent and the look of his beautiful eyes…I blushed, and nodded, and my hands slightly fumbled as it ran up his chest. He was wearing a translucent shirt with a jacket over it with a leather pant with chains and pockets. My hands brushed against his nipples, and I thought I saw a faint blush spread on his cheeks.

"Excuse me, but the chain won't do any good to the metal detector," I said.

"Umm..okay, could you help me take it off?" He turned around, and I saw there was actually just one. And what a better place to put it…

My hand fidgeted as I tried to unlatch it, and it brushed against his ass. And, I finally managed to unlatch it, and I was withdrawing it, and he turned around and I unconsciously (really!) tried to unlatch even the front of it which was attached to the belt of his low waist pants. And I did not realize what I was doing until I found him jump a little back. My hand had touched a sensitive zone, and the scene looked like this: I was kneeling in front with my face in front of his crotch. "Err…sorry," I managed to utter. "My shift is done with!"

I ran, not turning back to see his expression. Almost aroused, I hoped that I would find myself in an empty hall. And as I did enter the theatre for my movie, I realized – it was almost empty. There were a few couples snuggled in some corners, but they would not matter. I sighed, thanking God that my aroused state had not increased any more. So I took my seat…

As luck would have it, in a theatre consisting of barely fifteen people, the object of my masturbation for the past few days ended up sitting beside me. "Quite a scene there, right?" He smiled at me.

Hullo! He did not even know me…why was he being so friendly? I tried to sit as far away from him as possible, but was that possible? He kept offering me popcorn and cold drink. I was about to scream, but I somehow managed to contain myself.

The movie started, and nothing seemed to register. I could hear him munching on pop corn beside me, and that was all I could think of right then. The interval came, and I sat there, petrified. But, he abruptly got up, and in the process, he dropped his cold drink. All over my lap!

He became hyper, as he started on apologies, and in that hype, he started trying to clean it up, and his hands went up and down my thighs, and…I had a bit of problem! I shook my head, got up, and ran out…

I entered the men's washroom, and finding it perfectly empty, I opened the zip of my rather tight jeans, and eased my dick out. I guess I never thought how someone entering right then would react to this. And even if I did, at that moment, nothing but the throbbing mattered…

And, as ignorant as I can be, the door opened and closed, and someone hastily ran to the nearest urinal, and peed. I stood against the basins, easing my current necessity.

I was brought back to the real world by a gasp. I looked up. Those beautiful eyes were looking at where my hand was, and what it was doing…He closed his eyes for a moment, sighed, and washed his hands. "Am sorry..Am sorry…I didn't know…shouldn't have entered…am going…" He kept on muttering something like that.

Embarrassed, and my mind blank, I worked on my instinct. Easing my penis back into my pants, but not bothering to zip up, I turned to him. "It's all your fault!"

I must have sounded pretty terrifying, because he began to cry. "I said I am sorry…I had not meant to spill it…"

I was taken aback. I had been talking about my arousal. Come on, right then all that mattered was that! "Err…listen. Am sorry…I don't care about cold drink..Fine, I look like I've peed in my pants, but…who cares? I am sorry that…" I looked down, and his eyes followed, landing on my arousal.

He smiled. "You're gay?"

"Am I that obvious?" I mocked jokingly. "Well, if you say so."

"Ohh..." he said. For a moment, a fear crossed his eyes, and it felt as if he would run. What he said next took me off my stride. "I am too…but I never told anyone." He looked up at me, and smiled a mischievous grin. He walked towards me and said, "Maybe that (pointing at my crotch) is not all I could do…" He smooched me, and his tongue probed against my lips. Still slightly taken aback, I gave in…who was I to stop him?

Soon we were fully making out…until someone screamed, "What is this? A circus? God!" One of the guys who had come with his girlfriend to watch the movie, who was apparently my ex-crush, had attempted to come in, but left, knowing not what else to do.

"Shall we go back?" I timidly asked.

He grinned again. "If you don't want to do something about this," his hand touched my crotch, "then, yeah, okay…"

I grinned back, "but let's close the door this time. My luck is just too fickle."

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