Thrill of the Hunt

Thump. Thump. Thump.

A wicked smile curved upwards upon his thin lips as the rhythm of the vociferous techno music reached his sensitive ears. As he sauntered towards the club, he ran his fingers through his blonde unkempt hair- the thrill of tonight's hunt already running through his veins and oh- how pleasant it was. So pleasant, in fact, that even the gaudy sign, winking at him in blinding shades of alizarin red, did not faze him.

He brushed past the security guards at the entrance with a wink and they gave him a knowing smile. Pausing a few feet within, he surveyed his surroundings briefly. The fairly large bar stood in the middle, made entirely of metal poles and cobalt ceramic tiles, with dim azure lights across the circumference, where the footrest laid. There were glow-in-the-dark stars taped rather artistically along the top border; and atop the counter- one for each barstool, on the upper right hand corner.

Currently, there was a young couple at the furthest point of the bar, sitting quite cozily with legs and shoulders touching. It appeared as though they were whispering quite candidly, with heads bent, and he wondered how they could possibly hear each other over the music. The bartender, a young man he was familiar with, was tossing his head to the beat of a fast techno number. When the bartender caught sight of him through his thrashing; however, he stopped and gave a lopsided grin, "Hey man!"

Deciding to scan the crowd at a later time frame, he hoisted himself onto a barstool and leaned both arms casually on the counter, his studded bracelets clanging softly against the ceramic. "Jay," he greeted in reply with a simple nod of his head, his silky hair falling into sharp grey eyes.

"Your usual?"

Again, he nodded, before flipping his hair back in one quick motion. While Jay busied himself with the drink order, he took the time to observe the dance floor to his left. His eyes took several moments to adjust to the multicolored lights flashing across the swarm of slick moving bodies. The DJ, he noticed, was currently adjusting the large headphones that sat snugly upon his head. He concentrated further on the crowd before wrinkling his nose as he picked up the distinct scent of perfume and sweat.

"Here you go," Jay suddenly exclaimed, placing a shot glass in front of him. "You ready for another wild night already?"

"Always ready, my friend," he smirked before gulping down his drink. "Any suggestions for tonight?"

"Kael, my man, you know me; I'm always prepared for your arrival." With a twinkle in his eye, Jay pointed towards a brunette at the far left corner. "That one."

Kael gazed at her intently, watching her sensual movements that matched the beat of the music perfectly. Her back was facing him, but it was still noticeable that she had on a simple wine colored halter top and low hip-hugger jeans that flared tremendously on the bottom, covering what looked to be a pair of old white sneakers. He laughed quietly before he refocused his attention towards Jay. "That's my kind of girl."

Jay cackled loudly in a psychotic fashion before replying with mirth, "I know. She'll give you a challenge too. She's turned away a number of men already tonight."

"Watch and learn, my friend," he said with a wink before gracefully sliding out of his barstool and casually walked towards the girl.

"I bet you twenty that you can't do it!" Jay hollered after him, not expecting him to turn around, arms wide open in a 'bring it' gesture, before resuming his predator walk towards the girl. "The hunt is on..." Jay murmured with a small shake of his head. He laughed before grabbing a dish towel and began wiping away at the counter.

Kael continued his slow approach towards the girl, feeling the vibration of the music beneath his feet, urging him on. He could feel the steady hum running through his soul and the blood rushing through his system. He could already taste the sweetness of metallic iron upon his tongue and the pleasure of sinking fang into delicate skin. He yearned for it; craved for it; lived for it. He could feel his canine's elongating and he willed himself to calm down.

"Patience..." he whispered to himself, staring at her alabaster skin glistening with a thin sheen of sweat. Her back was still facing him, but suddenly, she threw her head back with eyes closed, her hair swaying with her fervent movements as she slowly mesmerized him. Quick as lightening, he closed in on his prey; callous hands on exposed hips as he pulled her close to his lithe frame, their bodies molding into a dance of perfection.

He was prepared for a fight; however, he most definitely was not prepared for the sharp elbow jammed into his gut. His grip loosened as he staggered back, but the girl paid him no heed. She simply moved closer to the corner she occupied and continued dancing.

Shaking off his expression of utter shock, he moved in once more. This time, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her towards him. Before she could attack him again, he whispered in her ear, "The name... is Kael."

Her eyes snapped open, revealing two seas of sparkling cerulean, before she sank her manicured nails into his arm. Kael hissed in pain, but didn't let go; he would have her tonight. Nail still embedded in pale skin, she shoved his arms off and turned to face him with movements so fast, her hair nearly gave him whiplash.

"Listen, I don't know who you think you are, but I never gave you permission to touch me. You would think that someone would take the hint after I shoved my elbow so far into your stomach, it'd come out your nose," she ranted with hands firmly placed on her hips, eyes flashing with so much anger, cerulean dissolved to obsidian.

Running his hands through his hair, Kael laughed. The sound; however, nearly sent her coiling backwards- it was filled with such bitterness; hollow and sinister with intention.

"It should be an honor to accompany me to the journey of the unknown, Little One."

She gazed at him skeptically from head to toe, a small frown tugging her lips downwards, "What are you, anyway? A punk wannabe who thinks he lives in the 17th century?"

"I'm older than you could ever imagine," Kael replied, "and I most certainly am not a punk wannabe."

Raising a single eyebrow, she tapped a finger against her lips gently, "I don't know where you come from, mister, but talking like that... well, it won't get you anywhere, that's for sure."

"It should be an honor to accompany me to the journey of the unknown," he repeated.

She laughed; the melodious sound pleasing to his ears. "Wait, wait... journey of the unknown?" she mocked, "what exactly is that?"

"It is something you will never have an opportunity to experience if you refuse me. It is darkness, but with much pleasure; it is a way of survival in a world in which we do not belong. If you will allow me, I can show you."

"Show me?" she echoed, still skeptical, "I don't know..."

"I can show you," he urged, "right here, right now."

And before she could say a word, he pressed her against the wall; shoulder against shoulder, hip against hip, and leg against leg. She gasped, fear licking at her from within- and he smirked when he sensed it. He could hear the fierce beating of her heart; feisty, just like her. Senses began overwhelming him and his fangs began to elongate once more.

He placed a delicate kiss on her neck before plunging his fangs into her, instant sweetness coating his tongue and sliding down his parched throat. He drank from her greedily, as her sharp nails found its way to his arm once more.

It was pleasure and pain; the way of life in a darkness Kael could not control.

He licked the remnants of blood left upon his lips when he pulled back from her with stomach filled.

"Will you join me?"

Her eyes widened at his unexpected question; of everything she has ever heard of vampires, she expected him to leave after he's had his fill. Her hand flew to her neck, where his bite mark was, contemplating.

Finally, she nodded slowly, "For now, I will..."

Kael smirked before putting his arm around her shoulders, guiding her to the door. As he passed the bar, he snatched a crisp twenty dollar bill Jay had laid out for him.

"What was that?" she asked suspiciously, with narrowed eyes.

"Nothing, Little One; nothing at all."

A/N: I am participating in a "The Next Top Writer" contest on a website that I am on. This was the first prompt; create a background for one of the four characters provided. The character I chose was this one: ;; just take out that space before img and it'll take you there.