Open ending.

In a whisper

from a faltering voice

a secret is revealed to me..

I want to tell you

that secret...

I don't remember.

Are you my fallen angel

or you're just an angel?

Whenever say a prayer for me

since you said I could ask you

if I was wandering

nowhere to go

your sweet words sweetened my heart

it seems you were always with me

that's why I called you "friend"

to think I was part of you

but what you're missing it's not me.

It's not like an endless ending

before you fall in love

be sure there's a such endless love

it's rather an open ending

everything can start again.

If I had two wings

I would give one wing to you

I'd love to watch you fly above the clouds

like an angel spreading its wings for the first time

in this big... sometimes lonely

gray but never rainy sky.

I know you are there

and I can't hold you

you are there

I can't hear you

you are there

I can't see you

I just wonder

you know I am there too?

because I feel you

even if maybe just maybe

you've never been there.