To whom I am crushing on;

I usually don't do this,

This asking out thing,

Because it usually isn't me who makes the first move,

But lord knows you're a guy;

This means you're oblivious and slow,

So all my hints go unknown.

You know I really like you,

And I think you are cute;

So here I am stepping out my box,

To tell you who I am.

I'm a the girl that hangs out with you everyday,

Just wishing you'd look my way.

Not as a friend,

But as someone you can count on,

And many things more.

I know this is mushy,

And I know that it's not me,

But just being around you makes my heart sing,

I don't expect you to run into my arms

Or confess your undying love.

I'm just telling you that I have a crush.