Too Bad

Boo yah!

I love you.

Boo yah!

Too bad…


"You like it!"


But still…Too bad.

Nonsense words

mean the world to us.

Conversations center and grow

from single phrases.

We can talk for hours

and have said nothing.

We don't care.

We laugh.

Boo yah!


Boo yah!

Still too bad.


You love me for it.


Ha ha, oh well, too bad.

Three in the morning,

we're still not done.

Talked all night

and can't stop.

Say our goodbyes,

kiss, kiss, good night,

but still can't hang up.

Don't want to go.

Boo yah!

See ya,

Boo yah!

but don't go.

Oh, well,

need sleep.

Oh, well,

too bad…