Author's Note: I can't take credit for this poem. It is amidst the poems that were given to me. All the credit goes to one who goes by the name of SolidSnake (No, they don't have their own account on FictionPress; unless there's someone else who's decided to use the name for it's not original either.). I just wanted to see what everyone thought of it. Yes, I've attained the rights to post it on here... Maybe, if we're lucky, the writer will decide to post a review on it. I know they've been keeping an eye on my postings.

Get Up

"Get up maggot!!"

voices in my head yell,

pounding at my skull.

My body protests.

"You're dead just give it up!!"

But I follow neither.

I sit there a moment,


"What now?" I ask myself.

What is there to do after all is lost?

I ask you just as I asked myself.

"Get up."

That's all there is to do.

"You're dead idiot!!"

my body screams again.

However, this time I don't listen.

"Get up maggot!!"

my mind screams to me, but I ignore this as well.

Then another voice calls to me,

this voice nicer.

"Just get up you know what to do."

This voice calls to me.

To this I listen,

bloodless, emotionless I stand.

"That's more like it, now finish what you started!!"

I run…