Mars: This was my "short-story" that my English teacher assigned to us in October. As soon as I asked her if I could start it (she didn't officially assign it), she said sure and I jumped right on to it. I finished it in about three to four days and did ten pages. It was supposed to be short, but I had fun writing this! (: Hope you enjoy this overdue Halloween one-shot that I never posted up!

.:The Ghost of Lord Jonas Barton:.

"Argh! This stupid pile of junk broke down again. Sorry Lucy." A deep voice sounded through the pitter pattering of the heavy raindrops.

"Perfect. I'm going to miss Mama's homemade chicken pot pie dinner tonight." Lucy peeked her head out of the previously rolled down window. "Why didn't you have this car in for its monthly check, Avi?"

Avi slammed down the hood of the car. "Forgot," was Avi's simple response as he walked over to her, fully drenched. "It's just too troublesome to drive all the way to the other side of the city."

"Avi... seriously," Lucy said as she frowned at him.

"Whatever." He bent down to Lucy's eyes height and smiled. "Well, what should we do?"

Lucy looked at him. "Call the pickup truck service."

Avi took out his cell phone and dialed numbers and placed it to his ear. Dial tone sounded in his ears. "Line's dead. The connection is gone, Lucy."

"No! Tell me that isn't what happened!" Lucy squeaked.

"Such a cruel truth to be told," said Avi. He turned around and looked through the heavy mist of the night. "Good thing we broke down right at the Scotney Castle. Maybe we can ask the manager if we can stay overnight."

"Oh. I forgot. It is the ides of May, Avi. During May's last two weeks, the manager and the servants head home for vacation," Lucy sad.

"Oh. I never knew that. We could try to sneak in, then." Avi grinned. "It could be unlocked."

"Unlocked? I seriously doubt that, Avi. For goodness sake, it's a 14th century castle."

"C'mon." Avi started to walk down the road, leaving Lucy. Lucy stood alone, watching Avi's back before realizing that he was going to leave her if she didn't come.

"W-wait! Wait! Don't leave me Avi!" She opened the door, and slammed it then ran after Avi in the pounding rain. "Avi! Avi!"

Avi stopped to wait for Lucy. "C'mon, slowpoke."

Lucy caught up and panted heavily. "Are you sure we should do this? Is there any other choice?"

"Not really. But unless you are looking forward to walk a three to five miles marathon to the nearest available inn in this terrible downpour..." Avi shrugged.

Lucy grunted and gave up.

Boom Boom...

Avi and Lucy were both shivering like those hairless dogs. At least they were underneath the built in cement overhang, out of the rain as Avi yanked at the handles of the grand doors of the entrance. It didn't budge. "Great. It is locked."

"No duh." Lucy crossed her arms, soaking wet. "With our luck, it just started to thunder too."

"Do you have a bobby pin, Lucy?" Avi held his hand out.

"Yes...?" Lucy hesitantly pulled out a bobby pin off of her bangs. "Here." She placed it in Avi's hands.

"Maybe." Avi turned and bent down to pick at the lock. "I happen to be an expert at picking locks." The door made a clicking sound. "Aha! There. Unlocked." Avi grinned and opened one of the grand doors.

Avi headed in with Lucy, side by side. Then all of the sudden...

SLAM! Click.

Avi and Lucy quickly whirled around, to see that the door closed and locked. Lucy squeaked. "That was the door!"

Avi shook his head and walked to it, then tried to open it. It wouldn't budge. "Looks like it is locked from the outside."

"Locked from the outside?!" Lucy groaned. "No!"

"Yeah." Avi walked to where Lucy stood. He took out his lighter from his pocket and flicked it on, lighting up the room slightly. He looked around. It looked like they were in a grand entrance. There was a large extraordinary vase standing by a small table and an overstuffed chair.


"Did you hear that?" Lucy looked up at the grand winding staircase near the chair.

"Hear what?" Avi glanced at her confusedly, holding up the lighter.

She stayed silent for a moment and looked at Avi. "I thought I heard footsteps on the stairs."

"Well, I heard nothing." Avi shrugged. "Want to go upstairs?" He shone his lighter to the staircase.

"Okay, and that way we can find a nice big room for us to stay in." Lucy said as she walked to Avi's side. Avi took Lucy's hand and let his handy lighter lead his and Lucy's way up the eerie staircase.

Creak. Creak. Creak. Creak.

Lucy's footsteps frightened herself, but she kept quiet. For that Avi is there with her. Avi lead Lucy around the corner, walking into a very long corridor. He opened one door and peeked inside. He flicked on the lights. "Here's a good room."

Lucy walked right into the room and sat on the king-sized bed. Avi walked to the large window with extravagant drapes, checking out the rain, and making sure his car was still there in the distance.

Boom Boom...

"I knew we shouldn't have snuck into this castle, Avi!" Lucy sighed, curling up into the quilted blanket on the bed. Avi walked back from the window and laid lazily on the bed right next to Lucy. "The thunder is a very bad sign..." She whispered.

"It's a shame that we didn't bring an extra change of clothes. We never knew it was going to rain." He looked at Lucy and grinned. "And it's your fault, Lucy."

"MY FAULT! HOW IS IT MY FAULT?!" Lucy yelped at her childhood friend of 16 years. "You're the one who suggested exploring this castle that has a "720 year old legend"." She did air quotes to recap Avi's words from earlier in the day.

Avi laughed and scratched his curly blonde locks, sighing. "We'll just wait for the morning."


The thunder struck louder this time, successfully frightening Lucy. "Wah! Rather not!" Lucy squeaked and held onto the quilts for comfort.

Avi smiled impishly and sat on the edge of the bed, inching towards Lucy. "Don't worry. I am here, right?" Lucy nodded. "Whatever happens, I am here, Lucy. I am here." Avi whispered to her.

Lucy nodded before she glanced at the dresser with curiosity. She walked over to the dresser where it stood since the 14th century. She pulled the top drawer open and stood on her tiptoes. She peeked in curiously and there were very olden male clothing. "Wow. Dude clothes."

Avi perked up. "Really? What kind?"

"Olden," was his chortled response from Lucy.

"Oh." Avi sunk back on the bed, crossing his legs over each other while his arms were crossed behind his head—his usual position. "Then never mind."

Lucy closed the drawer and pulled out another one. More dude clothes.

She pulled out the third one, and there were stacks of papers. "Papers!" Lucy squeaked as she took out a stack.

"Yeah, and I say scissors," he laughed to his joke and looked at Lucy. "What did you find?"

"Papers. Documents?" Lucy looked through each. "Maybe part of a recording on Jonas's life?" She put the papers back into the drawer and closed it.

Boom Boom...

"Interesting." Avi muttered before he looked at Lucy who peeled her soaking wet sweater off, and revealed her white tank top. White shirt plus H20 don't mix very well. "You know what? I will go find a room that has female clothes."

Lucy looked at him. "You don't really have too."

Avi snorted. "Sorry, but you'll catch a terrible cold. I'll be right back. Stay in this room." He walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Lucy twitched and walked back to sit on the bed.

Banging noise.

Lucy squeaked and went under the covers. "Cease to exist. Cease to exist. Cease to exist. Cease to exist." She chanted over and over to herself to make her feel just slightly better.

Banging noise intensifies. The frightening sound and Lucy's chanting continued.

Meanwhile, Avi was opening doors and searching through dressers then moving onto the next room. He opened the last door down the hallway and waltzed in. He opened a drawer and found extravagant dresses. His eyes widened with curiosity as he pulled out a long blue and red dress that looked casual for back in the 14th century. "I think Lucy'll love it." He took the dress and closed the drawer. Avi hurried back down the hall, clutching the dress and opened the door. "Lucy?" He noticed she wasn't in the room or answering. "Lucy!" Suddenly Avi heard a soft whimpering sound from underneath the quilt. He noticed a shivering bump. Avi laughed softly and yanked the quilt off. "Lucy... what's wrong?"

Lucy peeked up and looked around. "I heard really scary sounds. It was really loud banging sonds, Avi."

"Huh. Banging sounds? I'm pretty sure it wasn't me because I was quiet as a mouse."

"I am so scared," Lucy said before she spotted the dress in Avi's arm. "What's this?" She pointed at it.

"Oh." He held up the dress in midair to show her. "I found a dress for you. Try it on."

Lucy glanced at a walk-in closet then back at Avi. "Okay." She took it and walked into the closet, closing it behind her.

Avi heard rustling in the closet, and out came Lucy in a casual 14th century dress. Avi smiled at his childhood friend. "Looks lovely on you, Lucy," said Avi.

Lucy blushed. "Really? Thank you, Avi!" She beamed then did a formal curtsey by lifting the sides of the dress. "I feel a lot more comfortable than wearing those drenched clothes... um, what about you, Avi?"

Avi shook his head and said, "I'll be fine. I really don't want to wear tights and oversized shirts." Lucy laughed in response.

Boom Boom...

Lucy walked over to the bed and sat down, smoothing out the dress. "Do you know what time it is?"

Avi flipped out his cell phone. "8:12." He stuffs it back into his pocket.

Lucy smiled."Want to go to the kitchen and find some food?"

"Yeah. Since the manager usually stays overnight at this castle, I'm sure he left food."

"It's a she." Lucy smiled.

"Whatever. Let's go." He took her hand and together they walked down the stairs and left to a long narrow hallway. They peek into a large room and they found the kitchen. "Here it is." They walked in, Avi flicked the light on and Lucy opened a cabinet.

"No food." Lucy frowned.

Avi walked to another cabinet and opened it. Sitting there was a big bag of pre-popped popcorn and a jar of Cheez Balls. "I guess this is good enough. It's not healthy, but plenty."

Lucy walked over, took the Cheez Balls jar and popped open the top. She grabbed a few balls and ate them.

"Hey, lets eat upstairs," Avi urged. "I can feel a very dark presence in this castle, specifically in this kitchen area. But it has been following us all the time."

"Really? I can feel it too. I felt it the moment we walked into the bedroom." Lucy said.

Avi took the popcorn and lit his handy dandy lighter again. Lucy held the jar of Cheez Balls close to her chest as she followed Avi up the staircase.

Creak. Creak. Creak. Creak. Creak.

Lucy twitched as she saw something in the dark and shadowy corner, but chose to ignore it thinking it was just her mind playing tricks on her. Avi let her in the lighted room first. "Let's eat." She sat on the bed and ate the scrumptious Cheez Balls. Avi was slowly eating the popcorn, staying silent.

Sudden indistinct whispering.

They stopped eating and looked around the room. The whispering was soft, so soft that it was so barely audible and hard to understand. It was faint, but they can hear it just so slightly.

"Avi? I'm terrified." Lucy placed the jar on the floor and inched towards Avi. "What is it saying?"

"Listen," was Avi's only answer. Avi and Lucy listened together. Neither friend moved.

"" The whispering quieted then came back. " ly...oow...n...wa...ter...r..." The whispering ceased.

"What did it say?" asked Avi.

"I'm not sure. Something about water," Lucy whispered. "Stay close to me Avi." She grabbed him and hugged him from behind tightly. She laid her head on Avi's shoulders. "I told you we shouldn't have gone here..."

"Relax, Lucy. Relax." Avi sniffed as he noticed Lucy's bangs in his view. "How 'bout this. I have a question for you."


"Tell me why you dyed your hair white again."

Lucy gave him a look. "Uh, because I felt like it?"

Avi sighed. "But why white of all colors? It's ridiculous."

"I like it. It is not your hair, Avi."

Avi snorted. "I still don't get how your parents actually allowed you to dye your hair that color." He just looked at the ceiling.

"'Cause you know they love me." Lucy grinned.


"What the heck was that?!" Avi yelled as he quickly averted his head to where the sound came from. On the floor was a broken picture frame, faced down. "Oh. It just fell from the dresser."

"It just...fell off, Avi." She looked at him. "How can you say "just" fell off?!" Lucy stood up and walked over to the broken picture frame. Careful of the broken glass, Lucy picked it up. She turned it over and saw a fading painting of a very young handsome man in extravagant clothing. It was a young man with auburn brown hair and bright blue eyes. "It's a painting of a guy," Lucy said. "Is this the infamous Jonas Barton?" She showed the picture to Avi.

Avi shrugged. "Does it have a name on it?"

Lucy took the picture out of the broken frame, carefully not to touch the edges of the glass. She looks at the back of the picture and there was a very fancy handwriting. She squinted at it. "I can't even read this." She rubbed her eyes and read it again. " Barton. Yeah. This is Jonas Barton." She looked at Avi who shrugged again lazily.

"He's very handsome," Lucy smiled.

"Either that, or that must been painted by a very near-sighted painter." Avi, who was laying on his elbows on the bed rolling his eyes, scoffed.

Lucy laughed softly before placing the picture on top of the dresser. She sat back down on the bed and continued to eat the Cheez Balls out of the jar. Silence filled the room before Lucy asked one more time. "Avi?"


"Do you think the picture frame fell on purpose because we ignored that whispering?"

"Who knows?" Avi said to Lucy.

And soon enough, time has passed. When Lucy asked Avi what time it was, it was past 9:30.

Boom Boom...

Lucy had excused herself from the room to go to the bathroom. She said she hadn't gone all day. Lucy headed to the bathroom across the hallway. As soon as her hands touched the doorknob, she felt a sudden intense aura. Such an intense aura was making the surrounding atmosphere in the hallway suddenly feel heavy. She had this bad feeling in her guts. Such a bad feeling... something could be waiting for Lucy.

Boom Boom...

Lucy released the doorknob for a moment. She looked behind her then back at the bathroom door. She took the knob again and opened it. The door slammed behind Lucy and locked by itself. Lucy turned around, terrified. And she screamed.

Boom Boom...

"Lucy?!" Avi gasped as he heard Lucy's scream from across the hallway and he practically jumped to the door and to the bathroom. He reached for the door, but only to find out it was locked. He growled as he tugged again. "Lucy!" There was no response which made him even more worried. Avi let go then grabbed the door knob again, tugging with all his might. He shouted as loud of he could with his deep voice. "LUCY!" Again, there was still no response from sweet Lucy.

The door suddenly swung open, scaring Avi. The bathroom was empty, but then he saw Lucy on the ground, soaked from water. "Lucy!" He rushed to her side and shook her, only to notice her eyes were sealed closed with some kind of stitching technique. To top it off, the stitches was making her eyelids bleed profusely. He gasped and touched Lucy's eyes gently, feeling oh so terrified. "Lucy. Lucy, can you hear me? Lucy..." He whispered as he fumbled with Lucy's body and lifted her up, bridal style. He kept calling for Lucy, but she wouldn't come back to Earth, wherever she was. "Oh Lucy..."

Avi gently laid Lucy on the king-sized bed and pulled the quilt over her. "She is soaked with water..." He touched Lucy's dyed white hair which was soaked too. "Water..." He remembered Lucy said that the whispering said something about water. "Water." His eyes widened. "Lucy, what did you see?" He whispered. "Lucy... I need to know..."

Lucy moved. Avi's eyes widened as he watched in excitement. "Lucy?" He frowned when he saw a tear come out of Lucy's sealed eyes. "Lucy..."

Lucy's mouth opened slightly. "Avi... where are you?" She lifted a hand.

Avi took Lucy's hand and sat down on the bed. "I'm right here, Lucy... I'm right here."

"Avi... why... won't my eyes open?" Lucy whispered. "It hurts."

"It seemed to be sealed shut with some stitches..." Lucy gasped. "But don't scr—."

"Stitches!? Oh my lord!! Stitches! Avi! Get it off! Take it off! Avi!! I'm scared!!" Lucy screamed as she thrashed around on the bed, trying to get up. She couldn't get up however, because Avi held her to the bed, trying to calm her down. "Avi! I want to get out of here! I'm scared! I'm scared!! Avi! Why are you not letting me go?! Avi!"

"Because you're not Lucy," was Avi's simple response, as he held Lucy down by her shoulders.

Lucy stopped thrashing, and her head turned to face Avi. "Avi?" Tears started falling down her cheek. "Avi, what are you saying?"

"You are Lucy and this is your soul speaking, but there's something inside of you..." Avi wiped Lucy's tears away. "Lucy, I need you to answer my question."

Lucy sniffled as she faced Avi, durably blind, until the stitches would be taken off. If the stitches were to be taken off with bare hands, she then would go blind. Permanently.

"What did you see in that bathroom?"

"A... soaking wet figure," whispered Lucy. "He was drenched with water. His hair was hanging over his face and his clothes were dripping with water and sticking to his skin. He was all green colored too. Even his skin. When he looked up, I saw his eyes—" She trembled. "No, he didn't have any eyes. It was hollowed!"

Avi's eyes widened but Lucy continued on.

"And the last thing I remember was when he attacked me. He grabbed me and tossed me into the bathtub. He used his hands around my neck to hold me underwater until he thought I drowned. But I really just passed out..." Lucy mumbled. "Maybe that was when he stitched my eyes shut..."

Avi frowned. "Lucy..." He still held her hand. "How are we going to get rid of this spirit that's inside of you right now?"

"He's not evil," Lucy said immediately, which surprised Avi.

"Lucy? But it hurt you."

"He, not "it". I understand him. He is just sorrowful... he just needs help."

Avi lets Lucy go and got off the bed. "What do you think we can do for this guy?" He crossed his arms with unbelief.

"This guy..." Lucy said as she sat up and wiped her tears away. "His name is Jonas Barton."

"So that was him, eh?" Lucy nodded. "I see." Avi sighs. "Let me sit down. I want to see if we can lure him out and we could talk to him or... whatever." Avi sighed again as he sat down.

Lucy remained still. "How do you get him out?"

Avi frowned softly. "Who knows? Can you ask him—if you can I mean."

Lucy stayed still. "Maybe not." She faced towards Avi. "Can we please go home? I don't care if we have to run in the rain. Or if he's still inside of me."

Avi nodded. "It's for the best. We need to get immediate attention for your eyes or else you will go blind." Avi stood up and tossed Lucy her slightly damped sweater. "Wear this over the dress. Forget those clothes. They'll never dry anyway. Let's go!" He started to turn, but he saw Lucy did not even try to put on the sweater. With her sealed shut eyes, she was "staring" down at her sweater in her hands. "Lucy..."

"I need help." Lucy frowned.

Avi smiled softly. "Certainly." He walked to Lucy and took her sweater out of her hands. "Raise your arms." She did so, and Avi easily slipped the sweater over Lucy's head. "There we go." He took Lucy's hand. "Let's go."

Lucy smiled softly and nodded. "Yeah."

They quickly went. They rushed out of the room, leaving the light on, leaving the food and Lucy's soaking wet clothes behind. They rushed down the stairs while Avi was slightly clutching Lucy's dress up so she wouldn't step on it on the way down. They rammed the door open together at once and the doors actually bursted open.

Avi whooped out in joy. "It opened!" He jumped once into the air in the pouring rain, still holding Lucy's hand. He caught up with Lucy because she didn't realize he stopped to cheer.

However, Lucy "looked" back and abruptly stopped.

"Lucy?" Avi stopped and looked at Lucy when she had stopped.

"Lord Jonas is gone," Lucy whispered. "He went to Heaven..." She smiled. "In peace at last."



Avi and Lucy ran to a 24-hour inn 6 miles away from Scotney Castle. At the inn, the woman at the desk screamed before fainting at the sight of Lucy's eyes. The manager came out after hearing the scream. Lucy got sent to the hospital immediately. The stitches have been taken off successfully and she is due to be released in six months after healing.

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