This really shouldn't affect me, but it is. So I'm taking sides here and saying that I'll give it my all without your deterring whispers; this is the chokepoint, it's make it or break it. I'll make it my case to call on your bluffs, to look through your lies, and see your despicably naive, honest, and oblivious love. It isn't just a drive for ignorance anymore, it's the desire to turns these tables around (now you'll see what the short end of the stick looks like). My weakness will be the fact that I need this more than you do and how I'll never be pleased with the results (like you have with mine). When your voice is twenty decibels above the tears that are shed, then I know that you've finally learned to despise me with apathy. Don't think of this as retaliation. No, no. This is galaxies far from retaliation. Think of this as my selfish love letter, my selfish, devious, and truthful love letter, the one you'd keep in your heart, forever dear.


Of the prime and nearly unconditional love that we all receive. (The heartbroken perspective of it).