A secret set behind two modest eyes

Lay dormant in the early summer skies

Though blind to this I was, I still could see

The care within those eyes watch over me

Those friendly eyes could talk, and what they said

Would keep me up at night while in my bed

They spoke in deep shades of passion e'er true

With such genuineness I ne'er knew

And when on walks I met his eyes with mine

A strange familiarity I'd find

Intrigued, I would not look away or down

I searched with my blue eyes into his brown

As one who views the stars to see their glory

I sought within his eyes some secret story

Instead I closed my eyes and then I saw

The truth of love in all its beauty raw

I saw myself give in to his soft gaze

And spending with him many summer days

His dormant secret I knew we both shared

'Twas for only each other that we cared

Waking up with him, I know all is right

I feel like a blind who's fin'lly gained sight

I know cheesey stories are tiring each season

But now I see they exist for a reason

Though they make extreme claims, they are not lies

For I found true love in a gentleman's eyes