So desperate as you look,

In the places so wrong

As your life is shrouded

In sins deathly fog

You check the closet,

Under the bed.

In the bottle,

Your mothers meds.

You check in the joint,

As you take a drag.

Your grades are falling,

As behind you lag.

Your getting nowhere,

Your troubles uneased.

As you do unto others,

What makes you feel pleased.

All the wrong places,

Your looking for truth.

When the answer lays,
inside of you.

All you need,

Is to see the light.

Repent your wrong doings,

Take hold of what's right.

You need to see,

Beyond today.

As wory and anguish,

Etch your face.

All the wrong things,

They take their toll.

As you slip into death,

And lose your soul.