I have too much time on my hands. This is the fourth poem I've posted today. Urggg. Anyway, this one is a bit happier, so review if you like it or have concrit. I love feedback.


All that I am

Everything I think, breathe and dream

That's all I have to give.

I can speak my mind with you

I can whisper a breath across your face

I can press my brow to yours

And we can share dreams.

But no matter how close I stand

We will never share a heartbeat.

And my baggage is my own

You can't carry it for me.

All we can do is intertwine our fingers

And lean into the wind together.

I give all I can

And I don't ask for gifts from you

Because I want so little.

Just let me marvel at the joy in your laughter

Let me give all I have to you

And you can be my anchor against the waves.

All that I am

(My limits and boundaries

My pride and my strength)

All that I want

(Your love and your light)

All I ever hoped for

(That your thoughts stray to me sometimes,

When I smile I take your breath away

And when you dream

Sometimes you dream of me)