And I'm not going to pretend like I'm not jealous

like I don't wish your love

wasn't so strong, wasn't so true

Wasn't a million times what I feel for you

It's love that radiates from the pixels on my screen

As I click helplessly through photograph

Upon relentlessly blissful photograph

Of the two of you

And I think of that day

With the unyielding summer sun at my back

The day I glimpsed what you and I might feel

And I jumped at the fleeting chance

Before I slipped off this continent into

A paradise that was missing the lights in your eyes

And the song in your voice

Was nowhere to be found in the language

Of lovers and poets and artists

That shaped the world neither of us understand

Could we have been?

Those unblemished, hollow days

That I wished you were with me

That I wished we had time

Time to become

Time to belong

Time for my own selfish agenda

To be fulfilled in the sweetness of your stare

And the softness of your lips

And everything I've glimpsed and lost

In between the swell and crest of each of your lovers

Each longing that breaks the seas

Of my ever-contented loneliness

With waves of faces and voices

But you're the wind

That drives them

Drives the mountains of everlasting blue

And I don't love you

I don't love you

I don't love you