America, I'm tired of your wastefulness

America, I'm tired of your wastefulness.

America, is there not enough food in this country to fill all the empty bellies in the world?

You have empty, boarded up houses and homeless people living in the street.

That's silly, America.

Why can't we make the connections between those who are in need and resources being wasted?

I'm talking to myself again, kicking tired ideas around in my head

You won't listen, America, and why would you?

But I'm not done.

America, you're not the land of prosperity you pretend to be.

You don't need to look far to find suffering, poverty lives down the street.

Look around, America.

Are your people free, America?

We have choices –

which crooked, phony politician to elect

which unnecessary, wasteful product to buy

which television channel to watch

which thankless job to work

America, don't you ever want more choices than that?

Don't you ever want to choose none of the above?

America, why do you treat victims as if they are criminals?

America, we're not the criminals.

America, you're the criminal.

You lie, you cheat, you murder, you steal, you rape.

How dare you accuse us, America?

Your crimes are far greater.

But I can't fully hate you, America.

I know you meant well.

All that talk of freedom and equality, there was some truth behind it

Even as you clung onto slavery and barred women from the ballot

Even as you committed genocide and bombed innocent people

Even with your terrible hypocrisies America, I don't consider you a lost cause.

Freedom and equality, those are good ideas.

Let's start living them.

Let's change.

But I want change to be more than a political slogan,

I want it to mean something

America, it's nerver too late to change.