potential energy

so i've got

two pages to

write this poem

and i got no

idea where to


i feel like

once i find the perfect line

i'll be able to

go on for hours

about the way

we can interact

and there'll be

no way

the last two

pages of a

tattered notebook

will be able

to contain all

my joy

my excitement

my fear.

cuz it scares me

how all this has

happened for

everyone before

us and we're

running to catch


but stumbling

tripping over each


and apologizing.

we're trying so hard

to be fake

that our true selves

are showing through

just like everyone

else figured out years


and i can't stop


at the strangeness

of the situation

if you'd told me

i'd be here,

remembering this

shit that really actually


six months ago

i'd have said

you were a fucking liar.

cuz it's good

what we've got

going on

but still

i'm faced with a

brick wall

when we get to

the end

and we turn to

each other

and your body is

a loaded gun

a taught string pent up

with all this

potential energy

in your tensed muslces

and i can feel

you and your

wiry tendons and bones

contrasting with my


and i can't begin

to decipher the code

can't start to

unravel the

mysteries of how

our separate bodies

can come together

and try to understand

each other.

i don't get it

bodies fit together


it's like a puzzle

and we gotta try

and slide the

right pieces together

til we find the

right fit.

my head under your

chin in the hollow

of your shoulder

pressed against your

chest where i can

feel your heartbeat

pounding that

hard cuz you're afraid

of me

and all the shit i have

the potential to do

but i'm not the

type that'll wreak


you just gotta figure

that out.

you just gotta figure

out how we fit

how the shapes of

two different entities

can fall into place

in a miracle of


and biology

and i gotta figure out

how to wrap my arms

around you properly

and disconnect your


of constant energy

so you can just


with me.