A/n: I've edited this collection thanks to the suggestion made by AK the Twilight. I have not chaged anything yet other than the small spelling mistakes and the formating problems. I have also started to post the poems as chapters of their own. It makes life simpler that way. Also, easier to tell the difference between the edited poems and non-edited poems. I shall do that after I get a few more reviews or time to do so.

Perfidy: It is not really a depressed poem because I was really happy when I wrote it. I just wanted to write a really good poem for a story of mine. I looks good to me, but feed-back is greater.

This life/cage that is my prison.
Will look so good in crimson.
Just let me stretch my wings.
Purely just a moment of my dreams.
Soaring up to the open air.
No cruel hurtfulness to bear.
Can't you see?
How hard I am trying to hold onto me.
Don't you know that I am more then just a fantasy?
One of the greater memories.
Slowly I am losing my sanity.
Such an amazing perfidy.