Author's Note: This is the re-write of Whatever It Takes. If any of you have actually read that story, I am sorry that it has been almost two years since I have updated it. I won't give any excuses and I am sincerely sorry for leaving the end like I did, but at the time, it seemed like everything was going crazy in my life. Though Whatever It Takes was never to far from my mind, I could never post the last chapter because I felt like it was not right. Thus, Give Us a Chance was written. A lot of the parts from Whatever It Takes will be incorporated into this story, but I felt that the story was lacking in material. I didn't like how the story focused only on Ellie and Max, without actually giving Meghan a chance. Now before any Ellie fans get mad at me, I should warn you that I already have the ending of this story planned out. I want to thank anyone who has read Whatever It Takes and has been supporting me through reviews while I was on a hiatus. So thank you and enjoy the re-write.

Give Us a Chance

Headlines: Today's special: One boxer-clad Max Dalton and a blushing Ellie Pearson. On a side note, did anyone notice the jealousy coming from our favorite cheerleader?

Chapter One: Want To Ask Her Out!

Ever attuned to his whimsical smile, Meghan shook her head as she watched Max Dalton. Though his eyes were trained only on the brunette; Max carefully dodged through the traffic of the high school hallway. The look in his eyes shouted that nothing would stop Max from reaching the girl of his dreams. If only that girl was her, unfortunately all Max saw was Ellie Pearson. Turning back to her locker, Meghan started to take the books from her last class out of her bag while trying to make sense of what her friend just told her. The last thing she heard was something along the lines of changing the cheer to jumping frog. Whatever that meant…

Closing her locker, she turned to Veronica and rolled her eyes when she took in Ronnie's appearance. As it was homecoming week, Ronnie took it into her head to represent the Panthers leading men by wearing their jerseys. Today's jersey was Ellie's twin brother, Frankie. Out of the two, Frankie was the only one Meghan could stand. Of course she would never admit that the reason because of that was because of the high school prankster, Max.

She didn't always have feeling for Max. Who would? Everyone in town knew that Max always had feelings for Ellie. Most of the folks took time retelling their favorite attempts that Max took to gain his 'lady love.' Max never strayed from trying to win Ellie over. Even after nine years of being turned down, he was still there the next day, hopeful as ever that Ellie would say yes.

"Well if it isn't the beautiful Meghan Lawrence, break any hearts today?" the question was accompanied with two arms sliding across her waist. When her back was against his chest, Eric White leaned over her shoulder to deliver his practiced smirk that was rumored to weaken anyone at the knees. Of course, Meghan grew up with Eric as a next door neighbor so seeing that smile did nothing for her.

"Sadly enough, no," Meghan replied wiggling her way out of Eric's grasp.

"Well you shouldn't despair; the day isn't over."

"Despair, hardly. I know that if I haven't, I can always take the pain out on your truck's headlights," Meghan quipped, giving Eric an innocent smile.

"Evil," he said, backing away from her. "Very evil."

"Great we now know to that Meghan is evil and you're a horny pig, can we go and get ready for the pep rally?" Ronnie complained, holding up the pom-poms in her hand.

"How would the Panthers be able to play without knowing that you have the full support of the Compsen High?"

"I'd say just fine, after all they know that if they don't win then can they kiss their easy A's goodbye," Meghan teased Eric, knowing that he had most of the teachers eating out of the palm of his hands.

"Grades? Please Meghan; those A's come from the famous Eric White charm." Meghan scoffed at the so-called charm. "Nah, those wins go to you. What would Meghan do without the games to cheer for? For all we know she would focus her time on Max. She would probably make signs, t-shirts, and pins for the Help Max Win Ellie Campaign."

Ronnie snorted, "I don't know about that. Meghan campaigning for Ellie? I can't see that happening anytime soon."

Meghan forced herself to smile. She knew that her friends were just messing around. After all, no one knew her true feelings about Max. Though, Meghan did feel her heart miss a beat when Eric mentioned focusing on Max, if only he knew how often she actually thought of the guy in question.

"You never know in a few years from now, Meghan could be Ellie's best friend."

Snorting at the thought, Meghan walked away from her two bickering friends; she called over her shoulder, "The day that happens is the day that Max stops chasing after Ellie."

"Are sure you want to go through with this? I mean as your best friend I should at least warn you of the all the trouble you will get in. The humiliation of everyone seeing your skinny chicken legs, the chance of having your heart broken once again when Ellie turns you down, the fact that you will probably have to hide from the Panthers since they will be after you, and not to mention that fact that you will be standing next to Mr. Thompson when this all goes down. Are you sure that you can handle that?" Dex prodded.

Max took a few seconds to look at him before turning his attention back to Ellie's locker. "Waiting for her isn't a bit stalker-ish, is it?"

Dex laughed, "You're asking this now, after nine years? Does waiting next to the coat rack holding a flower in third grade ring any bells?"

"It was Sweetest Day, I didn't want her to feel left out," he said, shrugging off the stare that Dex was giving him. As much as he valued his friendship with Dex, he knew that though his friend did not understand his infatuation with Ellie, he never put it down. He also didn't encourage it, but he did bail Max out when some of his plans went awry.

Seeing the curly brunette walking towards her locker with her brother, gave Max a start. Straightening his shirt and adjusting his backpack on his shoulder, Max was about to start walking towards her, when Dex grabbed his arm.

"Look Max, you know that I'll have your back no matter what you do, but don't you think that you should skip this idea?" Raising his hand in the air to stop the tirade that was sure to come, Dex continued. "You know what, never mind, but I hope you know that I'm charging you a hundred bucks for all the work I will most likely have to pull to get you off the hook."

Max scoffed. "You're acting like my plan is not fool-proof. I'll have you know that I have thought of every single problem that could arise and ways to get out of them."

"That's what I'm afraid of," Dex answered, dejectedly. "I don't even know why I am going through with this harebrained idea; this will definitely cause me to cash in on some of my greatest works." Max grinned at the statement. As a complete political junkie, Dex loved the workings of the inner school system; he was the type to 'accidentally' leave the door open so he could hear the gossip that the teachers were spreading about. Not only that, but he was known to sneak into the teacher's break room and snoop around. Of course, his best sources were the school secretaries, by bringing them donuts and coffee twice a week, Dex had them wrapped around his finger.

"Do I even want to know?"

Dex paused to think about it. "It is better if I sit on this. Too volatile, if the higher beings get wind that I have plans to turn them against each other, I can kiss my title goodbye."

Seeing Frankie nudge his sister goodbye was Max's cue that he had to start moving. He glanced back towards Dex and nodded his head towards Ellie. "Well I might as well give it a go right now. You never know, she might say yes and save me the humiliation of showing my skinny chicken legs," he said, giving Dex a pointed look before walking away.

Rolling her eyes at her brother's pleadings, Ellie maneuvered her way towards her locker, all the while keeping a look-out for her favorite stalker. "Come on Ellie, I just need to see your work for Mrs. Robinson's class. A quick minute, you won't even miss it."

"Why didn't you just do the work last night? You had the time." Ellie said.

Frankie shook his head and answered in a serious tone. "Coach Frisk said that we should take the time to meditate for the game. I can't help it if it took to get into it."

"Really? I would think the thought of clearing your thoughts would be so easy; given the fact the only things you think about are girls and football."

"I'm not even going to take the time to respond to that horrible slur."

"Probably because you can't think of a good comeback," Ellie mocked sadly.

Ignoring the crestfallen look that Frankie perfected at a young age, she rummaged around her bag before pulling out her homework. Frankie made a grab at it, but Ellie pulled it away. "What do I get if I do this?"

"I'll do laundry tomorrow and wash the dishes for the whole week," Frankie promised.

"I will most likely end up doing this anyways." Ellie said, remembering all the times she's given into Frankie's cajoling.

Nodding his head in agreement, "What if I promised to warn you whenever Max came your way?"

Ellie quickly handed over her homework. Frankie nudged her shoulder as he quickly stepped past her. "Here's your warning now, Max is on his way." Laughing, he dodged her swinging arm and ran around the quarter and yelled out his thanks.

Sighing in frustration, Ellie jumped when Max quickly slid into Frankie's spot. "Hey Ellie, ready for the pep rally today?"

Turning to face him, she took in his expressive green eyes which twinkled with laughter and hope. "Oh God, whatever you're planning, don't" she said, knowing that he wouldn't pay attention.

"Would you accompany me on a nice picnic in the park tomorrow?" he asked.

"No," she replied without any hesitation.

"Well then I have the unfortunate job of telling you that the plan will go through."

"And badgering me to say yes is going to give you any satisfaction?"

"Does that mean you are thinking about saying yes?" he quickly asked.

"Never going to happen," Ellie said.

"Do you thin I could badger you into saying yes?" he questioned.

The silence only lasted for a second, but Ellie regretted that second as soon as it passed. "No."

Max grinned so brightly that Ellie was afraid that he would start jumping up and down like a lunatic. "How am I doing on the badgering scale?"

Well wasn't that a catch-22 question. She could answer by saying very high which cause Max to assume that she was thinking of going on a date with him. She could also say no which meant that Max would double his efforts.

Settling for the safest answer, she said, "You're right at the middle."

Max snorted at her obvious tactic. "You know that a life without living is a life without…um…living?" he finished uncertainly. He gave a rueful shake of his, causing his hair to scatter in an even more crazy manner. Shrugging his shoulders, he tossed her a quick grin before looking back to the ground. Max scuffed his right shoe back and forth, while waiting for her reply.

Ellie allowed herself a moment of weakness as she took in his apprehensive posture. For all the jokes in the world, Max was still the uncertain boy he was in third grade. Realizing that she was gazing at him in a manner that could be taken in as affection, she over her shoulder. Seeing that no one noticed, she watched as Meghan walked by. When the cheerleader saw Ellie's gaze, she rolled her eyes and sniffed, before looking in the opposite direction.

Turning her attention back to Max, she said, "Was there anything else you needed? I have to find Frankie before the rally because the idiot ran off with my homework."

"No that's fine. So you are going to the pep rally, you're not skipping it?" Max asked anxiously.

"Yeah, I'll be there."

Max grinned and grabbed her hand. Raising it to his mouth, he pressed a quick kiss before the shocked Ellie could move it away. "Great, I'll see you there."

Ellie watched as he walked away. Glancing down at her hand she frowned and hastily wiped it against her jeans. "Ugh…"

Maneuvering past the group of giggling freshmen girls, Ellie gestured to her friend Becca, asking her if she had an empty seat next to her. When she saw Becca raise her handbag in the air and move it out of the way, she grinned. Stepping over the pack of teens that had there books open and calculators in their hands, she started walking up the bleachers. Pushing back a curl of her hair, Ellie nodded at a few of her friends before sitting down next to Becca.

"Ellie! What's this I hear about you making out with Max near your locker," Becca asked without even saying hello.

"Well you know me, can't resist a crazy guy," she replied sarcastically.

Becca laughed and nudged her with her shoulder. "Just be happy that it is homecoming week, I can't see Max messing with this pep rally."

Ellie groaned, "I wouldn't be sure of that."

Becca looked at her with wide eyes. "Do you really think he would try something drastic today? I know the guy goes to the extremes to get your attention, but messing with the Panthers? That takes guts."

"More like he doesn't think," Ellie got in before the band started playing. The crowd began to quiet when Principal Thompson and Coach Frisk walked onto the stage. Giving the usual 'pump it up' speech, the screaming began. Rolling her eyes, she watched as the team ran onto the stage, yelling at loud as they could.

Frankie grabbed the microphone and shouted, "You guys call that school spirit? Come on you guys, show your support. Go Panthers!"

The roaring from the bleachers increased as the pounding of the feet began. "Kill me now," Becca moaned, grabbing her head. Ellie shared a commiserating look with her, knowing that by the end of this, they both would have pounding headaches.

Frankie grinned. "Now that is what I am talking about. Before I continue, give a warm hand to the girls that get us through the games, the Pan—" Hearing Frankie pause and the mass of students quiet caused Ellie to glance up.

Right in the middle of the stage stood Max gesturing for the mike. Frankie gave a good impression of a goldfish as he held it out.

Edging towards the end of the stage, Max began talking. "Uh…Hi, as some of you might know, I'm—"

"Max Dalton!In my office right now," Principal Thompson screamed, pointing his finger towards the gymnasium doors. The man was bright red and as Ellie squinted and tilted her head to the right, she could have sworn the vein on his forehead was pulsing. Eww…

"Thank you, sir, for the introduction. I think, though, that I will decline your invitation to your office." Max said with the utmost respect. Turning back to the bleachers, he raked his hand through his hair. "Some of you might be wondering why I'm standing here…" he trailed off and started to back away when Thompson stalked towards him.

Ellie dropped her head into her hands. "Tell me that I'm dreaming," she moaned.

Becca stifled her laughter. "Sorry Ells, but Max is really there." She cleared her throat and waved her hand in front of her face as if waving off the heat. "And he is standing there in his—"

"Don't say it, please," Ellie begged, raising her head to plead with her friend.

"In his 'I Heart Ellie' boxers," Becca finished with a saucy grin.

"I hate you."

"Well that's fine because I know that even you didn't have me by your side, Max will be there. Just be glad your face or your whole name are not on the boxers. You could always deny that he was talking about you."

"Sir, if you would just grant me two minutes, I will meet you in your office," Max bartered.

"This is not a negotiated," Thompson said loudly.

Max moved the microphone away from his mouth as he started to talk. Since the attentive audience could no longer hear, their heads started bouncing back and forth between the two. If Ellie wasn't mortified, she would have found the synchronized movement hilarious. Instead, she was wishing that a big black whole would swallow Max up.

"I just want to ask her out!" Max yelled, standing toe to toe with the principal.

With an exaggerated gesture, Principal Thompson pointed to the door. Ellie could only groan. Being followed by Max taught her one thing, telling him no only urged him to be more drastic.

The students and faculty could only watch in slow motion as Max reached out and grabbed Principal Thompson. Ellie's jaw draw dropped open as Max leaned up and kissed him. Straight on the lips.

The whole room was quiet. Ellie could only watch as Max stepped away from Mr. Thompson and faced the bleachers. Seeing his eyes search the crowd, she squeezed her eyes shut.

"Well now that you are quiet," Max said to the principal, who was still frozen. "I can ask Ellie Pearson, the love of my life, will you go out with me?"

Becca reached over and pushed Ellie's head back down.

Author's Note: Well that's chapter one, enjoy!

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