Her soul is fractured

Her heart has been tainted

love lost behind her

the devil has enjoyed it

her son lost to disease

her daughter turned to the streets

and the only man she trusts

has left her in the dust

with only the urge to give up

tears fall from her eyes

as she sits on the bench and cries

alone in a crowded room

colors fade from her vision

black and grey her weaving loom

as she tries to fight depression

no reason to live and yet she does

to spite everything even her vanquished love

a shadow of her former self, a shade

of deepening doom and darkened gaze

guarded against the horrors of the world

blind to the pleasures unfurled

but in the dark comes a hope

a slender color of golden rope

that maybe she can stop it

That perhaps it doesnt have to come again

She starts a group or two

that span the world, a multitude

of understanding and help

so that others who go through hell

know that they're not alone

That they have friends,

a place in the heart that they can call home

All because of one moment

The time she spent as a battered woman