"No one ever find out about this, do you two hear me



Azena Kira

"No one ever find out about this, do you two hear me?" My red headed friend faced me with a stern look, "This is our secret."


"What makes you so different from everyone else?" The boyish teen sneered at my face.

I sighed and calmly stood up, facing the ignorant boy, "…I can see ghosts."

The boy laughed as I picked up my books and began to walk out of the room. I was able to hear the boy muttering to his friends about how weird I was. I laughed inside. He could never understand.

See, it's people like me, like my friends… The more interested you become… The deeper you get driven into their world… And the deeper you go into their world, the more answers they give you. You in turn, cannot be afraid… Whoever said they were on our side? The one thing I've realized lately: documentation seems to help.


Clairvoyance is defined as an ability that allows the user--or clairvoyant--to gain information about an object, location or physical event through other means than known human senses.

Everything documented here, is for purposes of those that wish to know. If you think this is another fiction ghost story to tell around a campfire, you're wrong. Believe what you will, but I speak nothing less than the truth of what has happened between all of us because of this. Not all true stories have happy endings.


I've always been around weird things my entire life. Hearing voices of people that weren't there… Seeing people that aren't there…

I thought if I got a few answers that I could just go back to being normal and stop hiding from the dark… Guess I was wrong.

We swore, as a group, never to tell anyone else about what has happened between us. We failed to document things—experiences. We also… Failed to save each other and things became distant… Things… Seemed to interfere… And everything began falling apart.


AN: Okay, the prologue was a little short... Sorry about that, but I took a lot out and added it for the outline for the next chapter.