Lady of the Flowers

Claudia: This was based on Placebo 'Lady of the Flowers'


I walked inside the small flower shop just to see her once more. Like a flower herself she walked around the shop, making sure she watered every single flower in her shop. I always seemed to enter her shop, sometimes buying flowers, but mostly just to look at her. But she was taken. She was never mine and she'll never be.

Her name was Ivory, but she always told everyone to call her Ivy. Her dyed white hair seemed to make her skin even paler than it already was, yet it made her eyes more deadly looking. Her eyes were a really bright light green, without a single touch of hazel. He, her beloved was the complete opposite of her, dark, never liked her addiction to flowers. Yet, they were rumoured to be happy. Until, one day, that is.

I came in for the usual check. Tears seemed to stand in her eyes, yet she kept smiling at the kiddos, which finally seemed to choose the flowers they wanted. They soon left the shop, causing her to aw at their cuteness being together, yet, tears seemed to flow out of her eyes.

Maybe it was what made her different, the irresistible colour of her bright eyes. Nearly hypnotic, I'd say. It made me freeze there, seeing as she rubbed her cheeks with her dark purple sleeves of her sweater. Maybe, something happened between her and her husband or maybe she didn't lie and those kiddos brought tears to her eyes, by making her remember long forgotten memories of her insane teenager years.

I kept asking her if everything was alright, but soon enough, no tears replaced her old ones and she even offered me a cup of coffee. That was the most I'll ever get from her, a smile and a cup of coffee. But deep inside I believed that her famous sparkle in her bright eyes was only for me. Just for me.

Once I came in when a heavy storm was behind the flower store windows, causing me to stay longer than I usually did. She gave me her usual coffee, but the flower scent always seemed with her, even the coffee she gave me, had her flowery Ivy scent. She showed me her shop closet filled with different magazines. She gave me a piece of pear pie, as the rain continued to pour behind the thick glass windows.

Later I apologized for staying for so long, she laughed, saying she enjoyed it. Her laugh was filled with flowers as well. She always seemed so light, so filled of joy, so filled of happiness, yet fragile. I'd never forget how those teenagers caused tears towards her green eyes.

When I came home, the rain began to pour once more. I cursed at it, wishing that it had continued longer. I was being plain egoistic, yet I wanted to be with her. I turned my head towards my night table, where a bouquet of flowers from her shop greeted me. I was clueless in flowers, yet I admire them. I remembered every move of her, as she gently chose them for me.

Even my dreams have flowers in them lately, with the main flower of course. Ivy was always in them, dancing among the flowers or wiping the corners of her eyes with her sleeves, sometimes causing me to wake up immediately and turn me back to reality. Yet her bright eyes seemed to stand strongly in my thoughts.

Once I came inside once more, she was simply standing near her flower table, with a red rose in her hands. She gently touched the petals with her lips, as tears poured out of her eyes, onto her cheeks and landing on her lilac blouse. I kept asking what was wrong, but she only kept cursing herself, crying harder by the minute. Customers kept coming and going, yet she simply shook her head, saying that she was closed for today, yet she asked me to stay.

She knew I lived alone, maybe she even knew about my interest in her light self. I felt something strange, but I didn't realise what. Why was she escaping my gaze before I left her for work? I simply left her, with my usual bouquet, which I'd take home after several more hours at work. When I was standing near the door, I realised that my keys were gone.

I came back to the flower shop, seeing the light inside. Curiosity won over me, that I silently watched from the window, as he yelled at her. She simply talked to him, trying to throw her arms around his neck, but failing every single time. Soon enough, rage took over me, yet the door was locked, he told me to leave in a rather harsh form. I didn't, while I was shouting at him, she ran away from both of us.

He never needed her. She loved him. He didn't. It was simple as one, two and three. I didn't know, where I could search for her, yet I walked all over the city, trying to catch a glimpse of her white hair or her bright eyes.

Yet, I failed. No matter how many hours I searched, no matter how many known customers I asked, no matter where I went. She was somewhere unknown to me. Yet, I couldn't give up. I wanted to see her hands find the ideal flowers for the bouquet, I wanted to see her lips form into a smile, I wanted to see her hypnotic gaze, which I fell into every single time.

The sky seemed to brighten up, after the darkest night I've seen with the dullest stars, lazily trying to brighten up the sky along with the full moon. Morning came, nearing the hour I needed to go to work, yet, she was in an unknown place to me. I wished to forget what sleep and work was until I'd find her.

I came back home, hoping to think of a plan there. I saw a familiar blouse on my hanger near the door. The same electric scent of flowers, yet it was drowned in tears, tears with her scent. Her scent mixed with different flowers smells. I pressed the blouse against my face, as if I was hugging her. She was here. I heard someone curse at herself in the kitchen.

The same light voice filled up my usually empty apartment, the scent of flowers seemed to fill up the air along with flower bouquets in every single corner ever possible. I didn't let go of the lilac blouse, yet I walked towards the kitchen in a daze, wondering what awaited me.

There she was. Smiling threw tears, rubbing off the remained wet stains on her soft cheeks, as she held several lilies in her hands. She smiled at me, as she put the lilies on the kitchen table. Soon enough, she walked up to me, when I began questioning her, she simply pressed her lips against mine, and stopping my questioning and making me forget everything.