Thinking about you.

It seems it's gonna rain

please, first raindrop

can you kiss my tear?

I wanna listen your song

even if it's not about us

I love you by heart.

There's not music

I imagine the melody

la,la.. I sing to myself

no lyric..words

don't flow at all

if you were listening to

I'm the kind of girl

who thinks about herself

and those nights.. together

I thought about me and... you.

We passed each other

please, look back

I haven't moved on.

Beautiful.. snow

in your dreams

spring.. distant.

I'm the kind of girl

who falls in love with the wrong guy

breaking her heart everytime

I sigh for you.


I don't think about me


I'm thinking about you

you left.. I was sleeping

maybe "goodbye" hurt you more

I wonder if you kissed my forehead

I clean the pink marks of your lips

I'm feeling a bit... sad?