I found you, madly as it was

I found you, madly as it was.
memorized your flesh,
gave you my name.

you took to my light, ever effluent.
managed to get past all of my sins,
and took me under your tongue.

we grew stranger still, and started
using words like "love" and "forever".
whatever that means…

you wrapped white gold and diamonds,
around my person. catching your eyes in mine
you spoke of someday.

I became beautiful by him, perfect.
he, to me, became, everlasting.
he became my husband, my lover, my friend.

strange and unrhymed, perfectly untimed.
no longer held under the fear,
of an exposed belly.

youth masters our movements,
three times minimum depending
on the time. is the sun still up? (are you still up?)

casting aside my shadows I was consumed,
by light, by love, by a boy in a communist hat.
say what you will, meet me in him.