Slayer Born

By: Elvish Lycan

Revised and updated version.

© To Elvish Lycan

Use of the characters and story plot are not to be used by any other person unless given permission from me. Thank you!

I have taken the time to rewrite this story of mine since it was in need of touching up and also it was old and was missing some well needed detail and filling in. My grammar was really rusty and also was very poor. Now since I have went back and reread the story, it was passed due time I give it some life back into its existence. Hope I had made an improvement that made it better or everyone. Thank you for those who have read it in the past and liked it!


Fallfield, the city that was well know for holding many secrets and its well hidden mysteries. Many people lived as normal as anyone could in a big city. No one lived or knew the city as well one cop, Jerith Nightfall. He was one of the many night shift ops that protected the people of the city from one of the most vial and blood thirsty creatures, vampires. Jerith was part of one small group of officers that were the only few who knew of the vampires' presence.

The vampires devoured everyone and thing in their path. Men, Women, Children, and even animals couldn't tell the horrific tales of their carnage. Nothing could stop their thirst for more. The night held all the tales and horrors of the cries of death and murder. There too was another secret that was held by the officers of the night in Fallfield. They too were creatures of the night, Lycans.

The Lycans were not what humans made them out to be. They were the protectors of mankind, even if it meant to kill humans a well. Jerith had one human that he owed his life to when he came to his run down city, Revelin.

Revelin took Jerith in and looked after him as if he were her own son. She was also an important person herself as she was a descendent of the first slayer Rendor. Jerith kept her safe from the vampires for she held the information to the next slayer in line.

The first born in every generation was to be the next slayer when becoming eighteen years of age. It was up to the slayer to save mankind from the vampires.

Soon the next slayer would have to take upon their duty to rid the vampire's leader, Von Crave.

It was up to Jerith to train and get the slayer ready for one of the biggest wars between the Lycans and Vampires. Time was of the highest importance and there wasn't any time to waste.