Slayer Born

Slayer Born


Fallfield, city of mystery. The city that was well known for holding many secrets.

Many people lived their lives as normal as anyone could in the city. No one knew the city

better than Jerith Nightfall. He worked as one of the police on the night shift.

He patrolled the streets and protected the people from one thing they never knew

existed, Vampires. Jerith was one of the few who knew of the vampires' presence.

Devouring everyone in their path, they would stop at nothing till their thrust was

satisfied. Night shift was very different for him and his fellow policemen. Little did

anyone know that they too had a secret all their own, they were Lycans.

Jerith had one special duty to uphold. He looked after a human family that played

an important role in his life. This family held the one thing that could end all of the

vampires' existence, the slayer.

Jerith was taken in by Revelin, a descendent of the first slayer, Rendor. She

looked after him ever since he joined the police. She took him in as if he were her own

son. Jerith had also saved Revelin from the Vampires several times in the past. He

couldn't ask for a better friend.

Soon the next slayer in line will be upon the Lycans and soon would have to train

them to become the very executioner of the blood cravers. The next to become eighteen

of age in every generation took the place as the new slayer. Jerith knew he would have to

find the next in line before any of the Vampires would kill them. He knew he had to act

fast or it would be the end of all humanity and the Lycan kind. He would take all risks

and costs to rid the world of their retched existence.