and broken dreams.
The boy who wanted
to be a superhero
no longer wants
to grow up.
The love of his life
is staring him in the face
and he can't say
anything at all.
He always looks calm
but he is tormented
by his inner demons.
Whatever happened
to playing in the sandbox
or piles of leaves?
His friends are leaving
for parts unknown.
Contact is lost
promises fade.
Friendships are gone,
but more are made.
These lost friendships
are held in memory
until they are
This house holds
many memories.
It once held
the laughter of children.
Now the only thing to be heard
is him yelling at his mother
and the loud noise
of music.
Soon, this house will be
and the memories will fade.
He runs barefoot
across the parking lot
to greet his father.
This one thing
is still the same.
The rest of his world
has changed
dragging him along.
Whatever happened
to climbing trees
and watching movies
until dawn?
Years have passed,
things have changed.
He has grown
on the outside,
but still wants
to be a kid
on the inside.
To return
to the days
before his dreams
were broken.
Where he could
tie a sheet
around his neck
and become a superhero
for a day.
But he is forced
to mature
and leave those days
as college looms
over his life.
He takes a deep breath
and turns
to take the challenges
head on,
no longer fighting
the inevitable changes,
leaving his broken dreams
in the past
as he steps forward
into his future.