The second book in the Blood Trilogy. If you're taking the time to read this, please stop right now and find One Bloody Night. It will all make much better sense. Thank you, - BloodyRedEclipse

I lay awake, my apartment quiet except for Styx's soft snore echoing from beside me. The large panther had taken to sleeping in my bed, and he was warm, so I didn't make him sleep on his doggy bed in the corner. I glanced at the curtains, thick jet black velvet closed tight to keep the sun from seeping through and deep frying me.

I had lived so long I had began to wonder what dying felt like. I was alone, and that was pathetic. I, a vampire who'd lived through the Plagues in Europe, survived the Puritan hunts for witches and vampires, and killed my own brother when he'd tried to turn the whole city into his lackeys.

I sighed glancing at the clock by the bed. Noon. Joy. Suddenly the phone rang in the still summer silence. "Hello?" I said groggily.

"Ravyn DeRulle?"

"Who in the blood drenched bowls of hell wants to know?" I snapped, I was tired, damn it!

"No need to snap, blood sucker."

I growled. "Don't make me have to find and eat you. Now, follow what I'm asking. What. Do. You. Want? It's noon for Christ's sake."

The girl on the other end snorted softly. "Does the name Damien Black mean much to you?"

I sucked in a breath. Damien. God, how long had it been? At least ten years. "Yeah, I used to know him, why? And who the devil are you?" Did those bastards get him?

"I'm Cassandra O'Malley, Damien's boss. He was… in an accident, he can't remember anything. But he can remember you, everything about you, and what you two did. I need you to see him, maybe he'll remember the rest of us." I could hear her choke up slightly. I thought back, Cassandra… I was fairly certain Damien had told me she was his lesbian boss.

"Well, I can't very well see him now, can I? Tell me where he is and I'll stop by tonight, M'kay?"

"Whatever." The girl said, rattled off the address and etc then hung up.

I glanced at Styx. His big black head was turned in my direction his too-knowing amber eyes were concerned.

"Oh, don't give me that pity stare." I muttered.

He snorted and stretched, his massive black paw coming to rest by my pillow. I petted his head. Styx had always been there for me-no, he's not named after that god-awful band, either. Especially when I'd left Damien after we'd killed Cameron.

In the end Damien had had to kill my brother. Since Cameron was my Creator I couldn't kill the son of a bastards' whore. Yeah, that's a shot at my family. Even way back when, the world had it's dysfunctional families. Mine was one of them.

In a way, Cameron wasn't my Creator. He'd only given me his blood. Some other bastard had screwed me and sucked my blood. But still he was blood tied to me. That was broken, though, now that his heart had been separated from his body.


I glanced at the address that Cassandra had given me. The damned Slayer building. Great. Lamb in a lion's den much. I inhaled, seeing how many Slayers were there. Not many, thank God. Not that He had much to do with vampires. The Slayers were His. Us vampires belonged to Lucifer. The fact some of us hated. Most of us had been born in eras of big time religion.

Gathering my-considerably strong-will, I sucked in a breath then, hand on the dagger- yes, we still used daggers- that was sheathed under the onyx black cloak surrounding my body. I walked in. Eyes-greens, blues, and browns- flicked in my direction.

The sound of wood being taken from a sheathe echoed loudly.

"Okay, back off, vultures! She's with me." Cassandra's voice put the Slayer's stakes back from where ever they came.

"Hey, Cassie! I didn't know you went for the whole blood sucker thing."

"Screw off, Lily." Cassandra growled, shooting a look that could have frozen a lake solid, at a blonde slayer with light blue eyes.

Cassandra turned her attention back to me, sizing me up. "So you're the famous Ravyn. I guess Damien could have done worse."

I couldn't help but like her. Damien obviously did, in a brother-sister way. "The fact that Damien remembers me makes me famous? Not that I'm a vampire? Disappointing."

She snorted softly, "It's definitely not your charming personality, that's for damn sure."

"I'm not sure if I should be offended, agree, or bitch slap you." I said with obviously false cheerfulness.

Cassandra's forest jade eyes turned serious. A sign bitch-time was over. "C'mon, blood girl, lets see what you can do for Damien." She turned down a hallway. Supposing I should follow, I did.

She led me to a door, a sign on it read Examiner. An image of a dead body sliced open with a Y incision flashed in my mind. Too many old episodes of Doctor G.

The room behind the door smelled of antiseptic and slayer. Not altogether bad. Damien sat on one of those bed-chair-whatever-the-hell things you'd see in a normal doctor's office. His hair had gotten a little longer, he'd gotten older looking, no longer was he a boy- how old was he when we met, anyway? Another slayer, one with doctor clothes-was this place for real?-glanced up, eyed me cautiously, but said nothing.

Damien was staring at me, his dark cobalt eyes were confused for maybe a second or two. "Ravyn." he whispered softly.

"Yeah, long time no see, huh? You got older."

"I guess it was a long time… I… can't remember. It hurts too much to." He murmured softly, one hand coming up and rubbing his temple. Then, "I see you haven't aged."

"Vampires do have a tendency to not do that." I replied, smiling slightly.

"Remember the rest of us, Damien?" Cassandra asked hopefully.

He gave her a blank look. "Not really."

"Ah, damn."

"Some how I doubted it would be that easy." I muttered. "C'mon, Damien. I guess there's going to be a sleepover involved."