Better than me

Better than me?

You don't know who I am or where I've been.

Don't treat anyone like you're better than them.

You think you're so much better, bigger, badder.

I hope one day you fall off that very high ladder.

Looking down on me, taking your anger out on me.

I had nothing to do with your anger, so leave me be!

My smile fades and my eyes narrow coldly.

How could you say something like that, and so boldly?

Wait just a minute. You have yet to hear my side.

But you don't care; your mood turns with the tide.

Because I've got a blue collar job, I deserve this?

Listen now, and pay attention closely, bitch.

Did you ever try to put yourself in someone else's shoes?

Or, wait, their shoes aren't good enough for you?

You sit there, and giggle with your oh so perfect friends.

All I can do is glare at you and plot my revenge.

Did you know that tears sprung to my eyes today

Because of what you thought you had to say?

So to you, I'm disposable, wasteful of space.

I don't matter because I have a prettier face?

Who cares if your day wasn't going very well?

You just turned a normal workday into my hell.

I don't matter, right? Because it's just my job, right?

And sadly, it's not like I can hop the counter and fight.

If I were homeless, would you have said that?

If I had been raped, would your heart still be black?

But you don't know my side, now do you?

Because you can't put yourself in another's shoes.

Author's Note: Wow. I wrote this in about fifteen minutes, and OH yeah, I'm going to post it. So hopefully, someone out there will read it and REALLY think twice about what they say to other people. And, um, it was a free writing thing, so I'm really sorry about the poor grammar and lack of rhyming. Amazingly enough, it just came to me…