Author's note: I have three stories in progress and already I'm thinking of new ideas

Author's note: I have three stories in progress and already I'm thinking of new ideas! I can't help the fact that it's more fun to make up characters and new stories…when I get inspired, I want to write anything that pops into my head. Unfortunately, none of my inspiration is for my current stuff. Currently the count is at six, getting higher all the time, but they are just basic ideas. If I can think up more details for them they may actually turn up on Fictionpress. Suggestions are loved.

And now, without further ado, here they are:

The Right Time

Possibly the third in the Jennifer-Cameron series. Is it bad that I'm nowhere close to being done with the second, but I have bits of the third one planned? I'll keep the details secret. Aren't I evil?

Dating Horoscopes

When superstitious Kristen's year-long relationship crumbles, she decides to find a guy who is more compatible with her. Where does she look? Dating services? Nope. Sports games? Nope. She resorts to the horoscopes in her magazine. (May change)

Addiction (title prone to change)

Casey Bixler is all set for her amazing Outback vacation with her best friend. She's a bit obsessed really; she and her friend have already begun to perfect their accents. However, her dream is shattered when her mother realizes that Casey doesn't have the volunteer hours she needs to graduate. Casey is sentenced to Pleasant Acres, the local retirement/rehabilitation center. Will a handsome patient suddenly make her summer more worthwhile?

Midnight Snack (title prone to change)

This would be my first vampire piece. Jamie doesn't know how her life can get much worse. Her parents are going through an ugly divorce, making her feel more like a swing vote than their actual kid. Everyone in school things she is a freak and avoids her. Plus her Geometry teacher is out to get her. How about if a mysterious new senior introduces her to a world she never believed to be real—all the while keeping her as an emergency food supply?

The Girl with a Boy's Name

Kyle has always been a tomboy. She looks like a boy, dominates in sports, and is everyone's go-to girl to see if guys like them. This makes her one of the most popular girls in school, but she's far from being happy. She has never been in a relationship and even if she got a crush, she would have to compete with her gorgeous younger sisters. When a new guy comes to school, Kyle falls head over heels for him. Can she embrace her feminine side and muster up enough self-confidence to get the guy? Or will he only see her as one of the guys?

Why do I Love You? (Title may change, most likely to get posted)

He sends me out at all hours of the morning to fetch whatever he's craving. He never uses a civil word. If he wants me to do something, he threatens to hit me. He's actually hit me…well, if I've lost count. But still I love him. Weird enough, I need him.

They each had what the other needed. Danni, shy and soft-spoken—the ultimate people pleaser—had the book smarts Austin needed to keep from failing anymore grades and the common sense to keep him in check. Austin, the school's unofficial bad boy, had enough personality and assertiveness for the both of them. (I may or may not write how they fell in love). Over time Austin changes; more like it, he turns into someone entirely different, leaving Danni fearing for her own well-being. She still loves Austin though and knows he needs her as much as she needs him.

Much love to everyone who has reviewed my stories and I hope these won't disappoint you guys!