Marvin Jones was twenty two when he found the love of his life. Her name was Yasmin Greer, and she went to the college he worked at. He approached her one day, after many days of watching her, and asked if she would like to have lunch. She said yes and after that they started dating.

Four years later, Yasmin became Mrs. Marvin Jones, and a year later she gave birth to their first child, Jaylen. When he was two, the happy family of three became the happy family of four, receiving the second child, Aaron. One year later, Gerald entered the family.

"This is the family I have always wanted," Marvin told his wife one day. He and Yasmin were seated on the back porch of their home, watching their three sons' ages seven, five, and four play in the yard.

"It makes me happy that I have given you the family you've always wanted, but I thought our relationship was about sharing everything." Yasmin responded.

"What do you mean?" Marvin wondered.

"We share our life, our hearts, and we want the best for our children, but I have always wanted a daughter. It's ok though. This is enough for me." She answered. Realizing that Marvin had never once asked her what kind of family she wanted, he suddenly felt selfish. His hand reached over to grasp hers and he looked into her hazel eyes.

"If it would make you feel better, my love, we will have a daughter." He told her. They made love that night and nine months Dionne Jones came into their lives.

Her story begins now.