Author's Note: This was a writing exercise in which you had to pick a letter of the alphabet to start your first sentence with and then every sentence as to start with the next letter of the alphabet until who got back to the letter you started with. One of the sentences had to be as long as you could possibly make it while still making sense and being as close to grammatically correct as possible (comma-over-use-age!!). And so this story was born. This work is fairly old. A few years or so. I just found it on another writing site I'm a part of and thought I'd edit it a bit and post it here. I'll probably try another again soon. It's really a great exercise.

- The Storyteller's Seer

Foibles of a Romantic
Dedicated to: General (Amn) Nemo: a fellow hopeless romantic and Chief Alyssa: Air Force girls do it better!

Mina was the gorgeously simple name she called herself; that vision of light; that woman Kai knew he could never have—Mina the artist's envy.

Nobody could tell him where she came from, but Kai wasn't worried as he knew half the excitement was in finding out the little things.

Of course, this was a very delicate process that first required finding Mina, but not only simply finding her, more rather finding her alone and unoccupied.

Perfect scenarios flashed through Kai's mind as he envisioned finding her standing upon a marble balcony, her ebony hair flowing in some strange invisible wind and reflecting in a sapphire blue sort of tint in the light of the huge, white-gold orb ringed by myriads of pin picks of gold and blue that bled into each other in a cacophony of light upon the velvet black canvas of the midnight sky—all while being surrounded by the fullest most fragrant red roses his mind could imagine in all their soft crimson glory; the embodiment of every lovers' most fond, secret dreams.

Quietly, he hummed some strange tune in his half delirious state of dreaming; not realizing that it was a pub song and not the romantic ballad he thought it was.

Reason suggested that he might find her where he had first seen her; in that little café on main street on that blissful Saturday morning not but a week ago.

Sighing, Kai threw on his jacket and headed to his boring job in that stark grey building where he sat for endless hours in front of his drafting table, drawing pathetic visuals so that gullible people would buy pointless, overly-expensive items that they didn't want.

Tom, Kai's oblivious boss had set another mile-high pile of random information about products and junk that Kai never looked at.

Usually, Kai was off in his own world, thinking of something he'd read about or some song he'd heard when his alarm-clock radio had gone off.

"Verily, you were the only rose I could see." he quoted blithely, tossing another important paper in the trashcan.

"Who is she that occupies thine fondest thoughts and ignites fire in thine soul?" he questioned the air, quoting yet another poem.

Xavier, his friend and the only one who could talk any sense into him, poked his head around the corner, frowned, and said, "So why don't you just go find her and spare me your poetry—not that you're a horrible poet, it's just that some of us are trying to actually get work done here."

"You know I would if I could…I mean, if I knew where to find her and knew I could have at least some chance with her, but she's Mina, the beautiful work of art created solely to remind men of what they cannot have…angels."

"Zales jewelry commercials couldn't have put it better."

A smirk crossed Kai's lips as he jammed a pencil behind his ear and pulled a sheet of fresh printer paper from the tray on his desk.

"Better call Zales, cause I can do better than that!"

"Come on, Kai…be reasonable and stop chasing silly dreams…focus on your career for a moment or something and realize that the boss is going to fire you soon because you don't do your job."

Delicately, Kai touched the eraser to his lips, struck a very poetic "thinking pose", and said quietly, "But this is the one, Xavier, this is her—I know it!"

"Every time you say that and every time you get left in the dust by some arrogant, bitchy woman who's only purpose in life is to hurt guys like you."

"Fine, say that, but wait and see because this time next week, you'll be asking for forgiveness."

"Great…don't say I didn't warn you."

Hurriedly, Xavier left Kai to his "poetry writing" before the boss caught both of them slacking and fired both of them just because he hated Kai so much.

In his own little world of poetry and love, Kai labored over his masterpiece, knowing that this time…this time he would not fail.

January came and went with no sight of Mina and Kai's hopes had started to fall rapidly and although he never let it show, Xavier knew his friend was back in his "pits of despair".

Kai was wandering through the streets one night—about a week after Xavier had told him that Mina was probably long gone—tearing up the poem he had written for her…the angel who he could never have.

Longing had frozen in his heart and while he still hoped to see her again, he was a bit un-reasonably angry with her because…well…this was his chance…his one final chance and it had drifted away with her…with Mina, the artist's heart-breaker…the angel…who…

"Mary…Mary, angel, the painter said he was done with your portrait and it's a regular work of art—" someone was calling to the dark-haired beauty that stood not but fifteen feet away, pursing her perfect, red lips and staring at her nails with honey-brown doe eyes.