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Chapter One

"50 or so years ago, on a night a lot like this one-"

Jason interrupted his cousin, rolling his eyes at her, "Come' on Marigold, we aren't kids anymore, we're too old for ghost stories."

Marigold stuck her tongue out at her bitter cousin, the setting sun casting shadows across her face, "But it isn't a ghost story, well it is sort of. But that's not the point, it really happened, Pop told me the story and he said it was true."

Jason snorted, letting the rocking of the jeep on the dirt road lull him into his seat, "I wouldn't trust everything Uncle Henry says," Jason dodge her fist, "But hey, if it makes you feel better, keep telling the story."

"It's not a story, it's true," The 17 year old girl sniffed flakily, "Anyway as I was saying before you so rudely interrupted. 50 or so years ago, on a night a lot like this one, a boy took his girlfriend up to this lake for a romantic evening. The boy and girl dived into the water together, but when the girl rose up from the lake for air, the boy didn't. Thinking that he was only playing with her, she called out his name, but after a few minutes she got scared and went to go get help. 'Kay, so now, the girlfriend went to her boyfriend's best friend's house, and together they went to the police. For weeks they searched for the body of the missing boy, but they couldn't find it at all. Some people say that the boy's body is still somewhere at the bottom of the lake. But all I 

know is that at night you can here like splashes and stuff in the lake, and in the morning there's indents on the shore and he leaves slimy footprints and handprints all over it."

"Are you done?" Jason asked her, Marigold nodded, "Oh, thank god, I thought it would never end." This time his cousin really did hit him, punching him squarely on the arm, Jason yelped and rubbed the spot gingerly.

"I'm not that bad of a story teller," Marigold said pouting, "And anyway, the whole thing is true."

"Come on Mari, How you can believe that load of crap," Jason asked her.

"It isn't a load of crap, it's true," Marigold pouted, then grinned evilly, "Don't worry though, you'll be believe in it soon enough."

"I'll believe in it when Santa Clause comes down the chimney in a Speedo- banging the Easter bunny," Jason folded his arms and pointedly stared at her in a challenge. Marigold copied the pose, folding her tan arms, and staring at him. Both of them were pokered face, and unwilling to give up in the staring contest, each other waiting for the other to fold. Jason gave up first bursting out laughing, Marigold following soon after him. Marigold giggled out a snort, clutching her sides, "Ah, that's a good one Jas, I'm gonna use that one later."

"There's plenty more where that came from," Jason said grinning at his cousin, before leaning backwards in the backseat of the jeep, getting comfortable. Marigold leaned forward, reaching past Jake, to turn up the radio. Jake, having put in his iPod at the beginning of the drive, declaring radio music unworthy of his ears, was blissfully deaf. Jake was Jason older collage going brother, though nobody knows how he got in.

Marigold leaned back, and hummed along with the song, bopping her head a little to the music. The jeep fell into a comfortable silence, and Jason looked out the window, looking past the blurring session trees, Jason could almost see a glimmer of a lake. As they got closer to his Uncles cabin, Jason could see past the thick trees to the lake. The setting sun, almost all the way down now, set the lake in a colorful display of colors. Jason bit his cheek, seeing the water ripple in the wind, his imagination running wild at his cousin's dumb ghost story.

Marigolds parent's, Jason's Aunt and Uncle, had invited them down to their cabin, saying that it would do them good to get away from the busy city. The real reason, though nobody dared to mention it was because of Jason's parents. His parents said they needed time apart to work things out. Jake called it their midlife crisis, Mari called it a divorce waiting to happen. Jason just preferred to do what most 16 year olds do and not think about it.

They pulled into the dirt driveway of his uncle's cabin, Jake turning the jeep off, "Okay kids, we're here." He said to them. Marigold and Jason jumped out of the jeep, both of them ignoring him.

"We would have been here sooner if you hadn't stopped to flirt with that blond," Jason said to his older brother, walking around to the back so that he could grab his bag.

Marigold nodded in agreement, "And don't call us kids, your only three years older than us."

"Well excuse me," Jake sneered.

Jason and Marigold traded looks, and in unison, gave Jason's older brother the finger at his turned back. Marigold helped her cousin pull his bags out of the jeep, shouldering one bag and giving him the other two.

"There isn't anything I hate more than a snot," Marigold told him, "And your brother is the biggest burger around here."

Jason laughed and gave her a push on the legs with his bags, "Come on and show me where I'm sleeping."

As they stepped in the cabin, Jason heard a shrill shriek, and suddenly he was being grabbed in a tight hug by his aunt. "Oh, lordy look at you," His aunt pulled back to give him a good look over, "Now look at that, aren't you just the splitting image of your momma."

Jason grinned outwardly and hugged his aunt, but inside he was cringing. He knew he looked exactly like his mother, he had the same curly brown hair and bright brown eyes, and he also had all her freckles. The only thing different about him and her was that he had inherited his father's height and not his mothers shorter stature.

"How are you Aunt Jenny," Jason asked his aunt. His aunt pulled back, reaching up and patting his cheek.

"I'm just dandy," She said smiling at him, "Your uncle went into town to get some things, he'll be back later tonight."

"Okay," Jason shifted his bags, "I'd better go catch up with Marigold."

His aunt nodded and gave him a final smile before filtering over to his older brother. "Hey Mari," Jason called to his cousin, "Wait up will you!"

Jason gave a big yawn, and rolled over on the tiny cot. He blinked, and yawned again, reaching up with a fist to rub the grit out of his eyes. He sat up wondering what had woken him from his sleep. The cot creaked slightly as he lifted his weight form it, his bare feet hitting the cold floor.

Thud. Splat. Splat. Thud.

Jason jumped at the sound, slowly realizing that it had come from outside his window, he walked quickly out his makeshift bedroom. And feet padding through the darkened cabin, he walked swiftly to the cabin's door, he opened it and peeked his head out.

"Hey, is anyone out there," Jason asked into the darkness of the cabin's porch, "Marigold?"

He stepped into the night, hearing crickets chirp noisily, and feeling a cool wind rush around him. "Mari, if you're trying to pull a trick on me, I swear to god I'll-" Jason paused, feeling his foot step in something cold. He looked, straining his eyes in the dark, and seeing a small puddle form were his foot had landed. He shivered.

Jason walked slowly around the side of the cabin, to where the window of his room lay. The darkness of night covered the figure in front of him, but the body ahead of him was luminescent and glowed in the night.

"Hey!" Jason called at the intruder.

The form turned around and Jason froze in fear, mentally smacking himself for his stupidity. The figure turned out to be a boy, probably no older than Jason himself, looking far beyond worse for the wear. His skin was pale gray and he had an unhealthy purple-blue tint to it. Hair that might have been a golden blond once, was now hanging limply in front of the boys face, looking green in the night. The murky blue eyes were sunken, looking empty and hollowed. He was wet, wearing only a pair of old swimming shorts, his chest glistened with the dripping water.

"Hey, dude, are you all right," Jason couldn't keep the quiver of uncertainty out of his voice, "Do you need some help or something?"

The boy stepped forward toward Jason, leaving a wet trail of water behind him. Jason took a step back, shaking slightly and nearly falling off the side of the cabin's porch. As the stranger was close enough to Jason that he could smell the boy, a damp and rotting smell filled Jason's nose, causing him to gag. When the strange boy was less foot away, he raised his hand up slowly, and Jason couldn't stop himself from flinching and squeezing his eyes shut.

"Jason," A male voice called from the side of him, and Jason's eyes snapped open to stare at the empty space in front of him, the porch light flickering on, "Boy, what'cha doing out here so late?"

"Uncle Henry?" Jason gaped looking around, but seeing no sign of the boy anywhere, he turned to the sound of his uncle's voice.

Jason's uncle was carrying two brown paper bags in his arms and staring at his nephew with a questioning look on his face, "Well, why aren't you in bed?"

Jason looked around once more and turned back to his uncle, scratching the back of his head in embarrassment, "I don't know actually," He told his uncle, walking toward the older man, offering to take one the bags, "Did you just come back from town?"

If his uncle noticed the change in subjects he didn't say anything, "Yeah, I got caught up talking to some old buddies of mine," The two of them stepped over the threshold and into the cabin, his uncle closing and locking the door behind them, "Are you alright Jason, your looking kind of pale."

Jason gave his uncle a weak smile, "I'm fine, just a little tired is all."

His uncle gave him a look, "If you say so," He gave Jason a wink, "I'll be getting off to bed before your aunt whips me for being so late."

"Goodnight Uncle Henry," Jason said to his uncle's back as he walked away. Jason turned to go back to his room when he finally reached it, he turned on the light and decided to leave it on. At least for tonight, anyway.

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