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Chapter Two

Something was tickling Jason's nose, making it itch. He turned onto his back and threw his hand over his eyes. But the thing returned with vengeance, tickling at his nose until he sneezed violently, shaking his tiny cot.

"Good, you're awake," Mari said, bouncing next to his cot.

"I'm not awake."

"How can you be talking if you're not awake?" She asked him, tugging on the arm that rested on his face.

"Sleep talking." He mumbled tiredly as his cousin tried hopelessly to pull his arm out of its socket, "Ow, Go away."

"No," She said, dropping the arm and leaping on the cot, bouncing it with her weight, "How'd you sleep?

Jason gave up, sitting up slowly and blinking at her, "Huh?"

"I asked," She rolled her eyes and repeated herself, "How did you sleep last night?"

Jason stilled, feeling shudder come over him, "I had the weirdest dream," He gave her a laugh, shaking the weird feeling in his chest, "Your dumb ghost story got to me, I think."

Marigold giggled with glee, clapping her hands together, "Ha, you are such a scared-y cat!"

"Oh, shut up," Jason pushed her off his makeshift bed, she landed ungracefully with a thump on the wood floor.

"Ow," Marigold got up gingerly rubbing her butt gingerly, "You hurt my Gluttonous Maximums."

Jason raised his eyebrows at her.

"What?" She asked in a fake defense.

"Gluttonous Maximums?"

"I like watching the Discovery Channel," She gave her butt a final loving pat.

"I'm sure you do, nerd," His mouth opened wide in a yawn.

"Oh, that's pretty," She said sarcastically.

Jason grabbed the cots pillow and waved it threateningly at her, "Argh!" He growled out at her.

"Ok, pillow pirate," She laughed, then umphed when the pillow hit her square in the stomach. Mari glared at him and threw the pillow back at him.

"That's cousin abuse," She pouted.

"Whatever," He threw the plump thing down, "What did you want?"

She shrugged, "Mom wanted me to wake you up for lunch."

"Lunch," His eyes widened, he had never slept in that late before, always being an early riser, "What time is it?"

Marigold looked at her watch, "It's 12:04…now."

Jason rubbed his face and stood up frowning, wondering why he had slept in so late. At home he was usually the first one up, before anyone else. He shrugged it off as much need rest.

"Is Jake already up?" He asked her pushing her out of the room.

Marigold nodded, "Yeah, he's been out their flirting with some girls."

"Girls?" They climbed down the stairs to the first floor of the cabin.

"Oh, yeah," Mari gave him a soft push, "The locals and sometimes tourist come up her to swim, or camp, or even flirt with dumb collage guys."

Jason grinned. As he remembered the boy from last night, the grin slid off his face. Maybe he hadn't been a dream then, just some lost tourist. He could always hope.

"And your dad just lets them?" Jason asked looking around the cabin. A nice smell wafted up to his nose and he sighed, stomach growling.

"Yeah, he's real cool about it," She stopped and sniffed with him, "Smells good, yeah anyway, since it's the only good swimming lake in like miles of this place everybody loves coming up. The city council even employs a life guard to come up, cause so many people like to come swim up here."

The made their way past the imitation wood furniture and foe-fur rugs. His Aunt Jenny was an ex-hippie and activist. She was all about nature and weird things like that, and it showed how she and her family lived and how they also decorated the cabin.

When they finally entered the kitchen, the smell they had been sniffing hit them full force. Jason aunt stood at the stove cooking something in a pan that sizzled happily.

Marigold bounded up to her mother, "Hey good looking, what's cooking?"

Jason's Aunt smiled at her daughters antics, "Grill cheese sandwiches," She looked up and caught his eye to come and get it, plopping the sandwich onto a plate for him, "Hey sleepy head."

"Mornin-I mean afternoon," Jason accepted the plate from her gratefully. The food, in all its bread and cheese glory looked like a heaven on a very retro dish, "Thanks."

Marigold gave them a frown, "Hey, what about me?"

Mari's mom rolled her eyes, "You had breakfast," She told the younger girl, grabbing some more bread and buttering it, "Therefore you can wait a few minutes."

"Whatever," She sniffed, giving her mom a glare.

"So what are you guys gonna to do today," She asked, ignoring her daughter and looked at her nephew.

Jason looked up, and put down the sandwich he had been stuffing his face with, "I don't know, Mari?"

The younger cousin chewed her on her lip, "I was going to take Jase down to see the town," She paused to look long fully at the grill cheese, "Then maybe go swimming later."

"Sounds like a decent day," Aunt Jenny nodded her approval, and turned her attention back to the pan, flipping the much drooled over sandwich.

Jason shoved the remaining morsel into his mouth and chewed thoughtfully, "Well then I'm going to go get dressed," He told the two females, walking over to the sink and placing his plate in it. Turning on the water to wash it off and feeling the coldness of it splash against his hands.

Marigold was barely paying attention to him, bouncing joyfully at her food her mother just handed to her, "Ok then, I'll meet you outside."

"Kay," He said, swiftly leaving the kitchen.

With his belly full, he's previously sleep fogged brain cleared. And last nights events back to him slowly. Jason tried to convince himself he just had a dream, because his uncle would have surely told his wife that Jason was out last night. So the only logical conclusion, he thought, was that he dreamed the whole thing.

But, Jason shivered, that boy. That boys was so real, frighteningly real. He tried to shake himself free of the spell Mari had obviously weaved on him, as he opened the door to his room. Damn her, he thought angrily, feeling his head with that stupid ghost story. "And damn me for believing it," he told himself quietly.

He grabbed his bag that was full of his clothes. He groped past the messily folded items, looking for something clean to wear. Jason pulled out a pair of khaki shorts that was littered with pockets and pulled them on. A t-shirt with a bands name on it would serve fine enough, but as he pulled it over his head, something on the window pane caught his eye.

With the shirt over his head, he walked over and across the room to it. Jason felt his heart stop and his blood run cold in his veins.

On the dirtied glass, a single hand printed stared up at him in a mocking fashion, looking like someone had placed a wet palm to the glass. Jason hesitated as he lifted his hand to place it on top, covering it. He wasn't so sure about his dream theory now.

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