Heaven Forbid


"In this weather and considering how dark it is, it's a wonder no one hit her," the tall dark skinned man spoke over the cigarette in his mouth. His lips parted slightly and he exhaled a thin cloud of smoke. He flicked the cigarette off to the side and gathered Madeleine up in his arms. She shuddered as he lifted her.

Her lips parted, pale and bloody now, "Dee…" she said in a barely audible tone.

The rain water ran off his face and dripped onto her as he gazed down and smoothed her dark brown hair away from her face. Her skin was pale white, sticky and sickly. Now he placed the back of his hand against her cheek.

He glanced up from the street, "She's cold!"

Atop the crushed car only a dozen yards away, Brandon knelt bundling the coat around Dee's battered body carefully. He could not even bare to look at her in the condition this condition. Blood had run from the corners of her mouth, around her eyes and out of her nose.

He kissed her forehead, "What happened to you?" he asked quietly. She stirred slightly, moaning and letting her head fall off to the side, "Justin," he called down to the street, "I'm going to need your help to lift her."

Justin hefted Madeleine towards the black Impala moving through the headlights of the car. He propped her up against the back driver's side door of the car and covered her with a sheet that had been over the seat, "I'm coming," he replied as he ran to help.

The two of them lifted her from the compacted top of the car they carefully moved Dee down and into the back of the car. They had to keep her wrapped tight and when they reached the car, they just laid her down with her head across Madeleine's lap.

Madeleine's eyes opened but were faint, "Dee…is she…?"

"She's going to be okay," Justin said, "You need to rest now."

She closed her eyes and smoothed back Dee's hair softly, her movements were broken and slow and finally she stopped moving at all.

The street was a mess outside and it was their luck no one had come out to see the destruction. Hairline cracks veined out through the street with crushed and crumbled rubble here and there where the street had crumpled up.

Off in the distance one of fire hydrants had been demolished some force and it sprayed out into the street. All around, plastered to the ground and to where Dee had been white feathers were stuck. Clinging wet to the surface where they lay.

Brandon glared out down the street, "What happened here?"

"If they survive they'll be able to tell us," Justin replied.

Brandon sighed, "They have to survive…"

"I wouldn't worry about them surviving," there was a new voice proceeded by a light chuckle. Both Brandon and Justin gazed up to see a blonde man in white suit standing atop Brandon's old Impala with a cane pressed down into the roof of the car. His fingers were adorned with rings and he smiled sickly smile with his teeth plastered with sulfur and oil. "He missed the vital spots."

"Lucifer," Justin backed away from the car going for his gun.

"Don't bother, my terms here aren't hostile in the least," Lucifer said.

"And we should trust you because?" Brandon asked.

"Because you no longer wear that white collar piece around your neck—I think that says enough about the changes you've made," Lucifer said.

Justin's though process led him to one place, "Did you do this to them," he brandished his gun.

The light rain water sizzled and steamed as it hit Lucifer's back, his forked tongue flicked out in a flash, "Why would I do that?" he started, "They were doing me such a great service."

"What?" asked Brandon.

"Stopping Charon from raising that dreadful beast…" Lucifer walked down the back of the car and off the trunk.

"So this was done by…" Justin waited for him to answer.

"Charon," Lucifer said, "He even managed to rip out Death's wings—no doubt she'll be devastated when she comes to."

Brandon slammed into him and flinging him back into the car. He grabbed him by the suit, it was so hot that it stung at Brandon's hands and he could hear his own skin sizzling slightly, "What the fuck did you let him do to her?" Brandon pressed him back, "I should kill you right here."

"Even if you could, you'd only be helping the enemy—our mutual enemy," Lucifer smiled, "For once I'm not number one on God's Most Wanted list," his blonde hair stuck down to the trunk of the car.

Justin pushed Brandon back, "Lay off a bit, remember he's powerful."

As Brandon stepped back Lucifer straightened his suit out, "Thank you, Agent Caynon—I'm shocked to see you so far from the hospital."

"Brandon called me when he found them like this," he replied.

"Well don't worry for them, once the energy from his sword fades they'll heal in a weeks time, but you're wife is on her deathbed—or that's the word in the pit," Lucifer said.

"Leave her out of this," Justin said.

"I'm just speculating on which way she'll go when she kicks the bucket," Lucifer walked back into the middle of the street his sinister eyes smiling as he talked.

"Don't listen to him," Brandon said, "She's a good person, there's no doubt where she's headed."

Lucifer shrugged, "I can't say, I'm not God—but it's a moot point, because if Charon is allowed to get his way in a short time none of us will be left."

"I think you're the one in immediate danger, though," said Justin.

"Hm, I might be, but this war will spill out into your world and it will be the worst destruction you've ever witnessed. We're talking a billion or more killed in less than a day…" Lucifer said.

"So what do you propose we do?" Brandon asked.

"Now you're listening," Lucifer said, "I need you to locate someone for me—her name is Annel."

"How do we find her?" asked Justin.

"Simply put, I don't have the tools to pull it off," Lucifer paced around them, "But the Vatican has something in their possession that might be able to."

"We just go there and borrow that and we're on our way," said Justin.

Lucifer nodded, "Exactly, but before I can tell you anything else I need more time…and for you to make this pact with me."

"A deal with the Devil?" asked Brandon.

"Not really a deal," Lucifer said, "More like an alliance, its mutually beneficial if Hell doesn't fall into Charon's hands."

"So what does this pact mean?" asked Justin.

"You don't attack my demons and I stay away from you and yours until this is done," Lucifer said.

Brandon folded his arms, "Wait a minute," he started, "We're not agreeing to anything like that—it would mean we couldn't protect other people if your demons attacked."

Lucifer sighed, "Can't pull one over on you, can I Agent?"

"You sure tried to," Justin said.

"Alright, then, have it your way," Lucifer said. "I don't harm any Humans and neither do my demons…until this whole thing is over." There was a short silence, "There's not contracts to sign in blood or anything, there's just this—a loose alliance to see the downfall of Charon."

Brandon sighed, "As much as I'd hate to admit it, I'm going to have to go in on this one."

Justin holstered his gun, "Sad to say it, but this might be the only way for right now."

None of them could see the future. But each of them knew that deep down inside this war was just beginning for them.